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15 reasons why the GAA is better than soccer...?

1) The GAA player who played in front of 80,000 at the weekend will be teaching your children, selling you meat or fixing your drains on Monday morning. The soccer player who plays in front of 80,000 will be moaning about playing too many games and will be trying to sell you his personalised brand of leisure wear.

2) GAA nicknames are better. Soccer players just add a Y to their surnames

3) Cork vs Kerry is a real derby. What does Utd. Vs City mean to Vidic or Robinho?

4) How many soccer players does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer eleven. One to stick it in and ten to surround and kiss him after he does it.

5) Soccer players go to the papers after a game. GAA players go to the pub.

6) John Terry would run a mile if he came up against Francie Bellew.

7) GAA teams are numbered 1-15. A soccer team reads like the lottery results.

8) All soccer players wear shin pads. Some hurlers don't even wear helmets.

9) Television runs soccer. Schoolteachers run the GAA.

10) The GAA is about where you're from. Soccer is about who you like.

11) No segregation at GAA games.

12) No soccer team has a nickname quite as lovely as the Fighting Cocks of Carlow.

13) Bubble perms never made it to Croke Park.

14) A scoreless draw in the GAA would be quite a novelty.

15) Roman Abramovich can buy the League. You can't buy the Liam McCarthy or Sam McGuire.

Anything to add?


I think some people here have trouble taking a joke. It's just for a laugh lads. Lighten up.

Update 2:

Brain O - If we're gonna talk about discrimination, then I don't think the GAA could ever trump soccer on that. In Spain, Eto'o can't even bring his children to his matches for Barcelona because of racist chants from the crowd that he doesn't want them to hear. So if they're trying to stamp out racism, then they're obviously not doing a very good job....

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    You forgot the flask of tae and hang sangwiches that you ate from the back of the car before you go to d'match.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some good points I'm sure I saw half of them before on something!

    I'm not much of a sports person but the gaa is something I don't mind watching! I f*cking hate soccer, you'll be lucky if there is a single goal n the match, but the gaa isn't half as boring!

    And the gaa players are real men, the soccer players are a pack of pansy's! You wouldn't see many of the the gaa players going to the beautician before a county final getting a leg wax and spray tan!

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  • 4 years ago

    Baseball is dumb "hay guys, I'm Albert puljos, I'm a 200 pound guy that can barely run that swings a bat and can pass as an athlete" First off, in baseball you are constantly stopping . The most exercise done at a baseball game is the seventh inning stretch . In soccer you run for 90 mins straight . And idk what these people are talking about , penalty kicks are pretty rare in soccer. And the refs in soccer are more fit then any MLB players. They run the whole 90 mins a long with the players. The goalies have to block shots that are lots of times faster then baseball pitches. Soccer shots have a lot more curve and knuckle then pitches in baseball. The fastest shot was 132 mph ,.. I can guarantee you that no pitcher has ever pitched that fast. Baseball is becoming less and less common amongst youths. Soccer is the second most common sport amongst youths in the U.S. , just behind basketball. So without the kids growing up into baseball players. Looks like its gonna be Japan's game.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Good points.

    I have a few to add.

    1. There's no stupid offside rule in GAA.

    2. There's no soccer commentator like Michael O'Murcheartaigh 'The goalie hits a very very long ball way, way out on the field' - what a legend.

    3. You always know what country your teachers come from the day after a weekend full of GAA action.

    4. GAA players run faster, hit harder and last longer. Nobody acts like a grenade just went off if they get tripped.

    5. Croke Park.

    6.The championship means summer. The FA (or FAI) Cup means winter

    7. Soccer players always describe the game they have just played in the same guarded way. There is nothing like a GAA player cutting loose "He ate the shite out of us" said an Offaly player of Eamon Cregans half time speech in the All-Ireland a couple of years ago.

    8. Under age players get to be part of the biggest days in hurling and football. No one cares one bit about the junior soccer teams.

    9. Rural villages = A Church, A Post-office, a Pub and a GAA pitch.

    10. We don't have eejits running around doing somersaults and cartwheels all over the pitch while ssshing the crowd after putting a ball between two posts.

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  • Tid
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    1 decade ago

    The GAA is for skillful players, soccer is for up and coming barbers and beauticians. And also in comparison to football, the oz's, remember all that jazz about Ireland/Irish not wanting to turn the game into a free for all fight....thought it was unusual considering we've the game though. Come on Tipp!!

    Source(s): How should it be all ireland and uk?? In the 60's America tried to take up the sport, and couldn't manage it.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I prefer the GAA - however there's one or two points worth noting:

    1 The GAA in the 6 counties is sectarian

    2 Soccer players wear shin guards cos it's in the rules - the wearing of helmets in hurling is to become compulsery (if it isn't already!)

    3 Bubble perms DID make it to Croker

    4The GAA player doesn't get his just rewards - playing in front of 80,000 means a hell of a lot of work to get there in the first place - and what do they get?

    5RTE runs GAA - why do you think the matches don't all kick off at the same time on a Sunday?

    6 Soccer teams are numbered 1-11.

    I know yer biased and there's no harm in that. I'd love to see Paddy Bradley run at Drogba!

    Wee note for BrianO - Ireland is an island. All Ireland means just that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Excellent, excellent!

    I'll try not to be biased, but I really think GAA is the superior sport. Compare the atmosphere of a soccer match to the atmosphere of a GAA match; GAA fans are much more enthusiastic about their sport. If I had to choose, I'd go to a GAA match- hands down!



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  • 1 decade ago

    You can have drinks after the match with a lad you beat the shite out of in the game.

    GAA players don't sell stories to the Sun.

    GAA players don't have stories that the Sun would want to buy.

    GAA people care so much about the weaker GAA counties that we sensitively refer to them as the "so-called weaker counties". English soccer just makes the premier league smaller.


    You actually made my day! I agree with you 100%. Soccer is so boring and slow moving, How could you possibly compare it to GAA?

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  • 1 decade ago

    You don't get humped by Rangers in the GAA

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have just one to add..

    in GAA theres a large chance you might personally know/be related to player on your county team..not much chance of that in soccer...

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  • 1 decade ago

    All so true...........

    GAA is the heart of the community in most places, it is part of your Irish identity, it enforces pride and spirit.

    Can't watch 10mins of soccor without complaining.......

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