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Do male platies fight?

i have recently bought 4 new platies 3 female 1 male. already in my tank i had 1 male platy mickey mouse fish. the new male platy and 1 of my new female platies are always at the bottom of the tank together hiding behind the plants. every time the male platy comes out to feed or just to swim my mickey mouse fish will nose dive it. or have noticed my Mickey mouse fish will go in amongst the plants to find him and chases him out. he hasn't as yet done any harm to my new platy. But why is this happening i was told male platies get on and don't fight!

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    most fish jostle for a pecking order in a tank and once this is established should settle down into an uneasy truce,but the urge to secure mating rights can cause friction at anytime,make sure that there are places that the more timid ones can feel more secure

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    Well if you have a small tank(less than 30 gallon) and since there are females, than you should expect them to fight over the females and territory. My advice is to remove the platy that is causing all the trouble, so you can have a peaceful and beautiful aquarium.

    I wish you all the best.

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    one male platy is gay and has been hitting one the different and he's no longer having it so that they try. get a 0.33 male platy and need it truly is gay additionally or flush between the adult males, ideally the right this moment one so your tank would not become greater crowded then it truly is.

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    Typically with live bearers it is best to have three females to each male. I have seen the occasional super aggressive male platy though. If you have room, get more females. If not, separate the big baddy from the other male.

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    I really don't know. Maybe you should call the place where you got them. Male platies get along great so thats very strange.

    Good luck

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