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Poor training= getting rid of the dog?

I just love how people are always willing to get rid of a dog when the dog misbehaves or isn't potty trained. By "love", I say that with nothing but sarcasm, by the way.

I don't mean this as a rant, but it makes me so angry and upset. Don't these people realize that a dog cannot train itself, and that (nearly) all dogs can be trained?

If you have an opinion on this, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, legit question: What is your dog's favorite flavor? Like chicken, ham, turkey, cheese, etc.? My dog loves Thanksgiving turkey.

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    It bothers me too. We didn't train our beagle very well, but we worked through it and finally managed to train him well enough to live with, though not as well as we would have liked. We kept him until the day he died. When you get a dog, you should be committed to keeping the dog, no matter how poorly you train it.

    As for the legit question, our Yorkie likes duck. She's pretty much happy with the idea of food overall though. The only thing she's ever turned her nose up at was vegetables. As for our beagle... he loved food, like most beagles. I never really noted a preference from him.

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    Oh you are so going to get dumped on with this q. lol. However, much as you might be tempted to allow this, I'd give it a lot of consideration first. Do you realise that once you have allowed him to be used, he will always have his mind on 'the next one'? He won't be quite as much your dog as he is now. In other words, you will be opening Pandora's Box with him. Some dogs take to stud work better than others in this respect, but it is a risk. Next, Dobermans are prone to some inherited problems, hearts, wobblers being just two. Do you know enough about the various bloodlines in your breed to be sure you won't be doubling up on a genetic fault with any visiting b itch your boy might attract for a stud? Have you shown him? Have you put him through the various Schemes? Can you be sure these bitches have also been tested etc? As for ready homes via family and friends - forget that one. Even with a stranger, it's amazing how people 'vanish' from the scene by the time puppies have actually arrived (been there, done that!!). And the owner of the stud has just as much responsibility for the future of each puppy he sires, as does the breeder of these puppies (or should have). Have you seen his breeder since you had him - provided she's reputable (and if he was sold without endorsements I'm highly suspicious of that one!) she should be able to give you an honest assessment as to just how good, in reality, your boy is (we all think we have the best!!) No, you don't, in the UK, 'register a dog as a Stud Dog with the KC'. He has to be a registered dog (as a puppy) and have no endorsements (not for breeding) against his registration. That's all - and assuming the breeder of the litter wants to register the puppies with the KC! (and her b itch has to be registered also) Lastly, do you know that a male can pick up an infection from a visiting b itch? Doesn't often happen with the occasional mating, but it can and it's worth taking into consideration. Bottom line - flattering as it may be to have your dog admired in this way - there are huge responsibilities involved in having your dog used at stud. Think carefully about this. What he doesn't know, he won't miss!!!!! Add - Living in the UK, where putting a Ch.title on a dog, especially in the more popular breeds is very difficult, I don't personally put quite as much emphasis on the 'must have a Ch. title' as others in other countries. There are some extremely good dogs out there with much to offer their breeds, who, although shown quite successfully, don't actually ever make a Championship. And how often is the non-titled litter brother of a big winner, the better producer. But I still urge this owner to think twice on this idea!!

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    It really, really makes me angry.

    But also at the same time I feel like they don't deserve to keep the dogs if they can't handle it.

    I just wish people had more sense that dogs mean work. You can't press a button & presto! perfect dog. Or they don't research their breed. Example: They'll run out & get a Jack Russell because "oh they're so small & cute" & don't realize the amount of exercises they need. & wonder why they have a "crazy" dog on their hands.

    They just see the novelty of a dog. It's sad really.

    Legit: Chicken. Anything chicken flavored is gone in under 3 minutes. Even the supposed "tough" chews, 2 bites & they're done.

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    I volunteer at a shelter, and the number 1 and 2 reasons dogs are dropped of is:

    1) They didn't train it, and it tore something up or peed in the house.

    2) They just bought the dog and its too shy or bites without giving the dog a 2 week adjustment period.

    I agree, its very aggrivating.

    And my dogs don't love any specific flavor (my 4 1/2 month old hates bacon, lol). And my newest dog just loves dog food.

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    I think it's very sad..and the worst thing is that these people will rehome or take their dog to a shelter and get another dog right away. By the way, the lady I adopted my dog from went out and got another dog less than two months after.

    My dog loves beef the most.

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    Mine doesnt know yet what his favorite flavor yet :) I gave his some boiled chicken and he went ga ga over it. Food wise he likes his lamb kibbles a lot more than the beef/chicken that he was on when I got him.

    I agree with you, but what else bothers me is people that are mean to their dogs and hit/smack them when they do not follow directions or are poorly disciplined. I have a neighbor with a female Weimarainer (that dog killed all of my prior love for the breed btw). She gets away with murder, literally. My neighbor will baby her and give her anything and everything she wants......Yesterday she came over with her dog, uninvited. The dog started attacking my puppy, so my neighbor started to hit it and smack it and yell at it???? WTH

    Thats pretty stupid, if you dont discipline your dog EVER, why would you expect her to behave ???

    sorry had to rant also :)

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    The number one reason that dogs are turned in to shelters is that the owner didn't know how to train the dog or never even tried to train the dog. It makes me crazy too!

    My dog is so food-motivated that I've never seen her express a preference. She practically inhales anything remotely edible!

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    i agree with you completely btw. but my dogs fav is cheese haha. like you have no idea how much they love that stuff. especially american

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    Your avatar says it all in my opinion.

    I have labs - food is their favorite flavor. :)

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