could some one give me an experiment?

i am bored is there anything fun i can do with ordinary household Appliances?

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  • Colin
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    1 decade ago
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    Why not fill the tube attached to the vacuum cleaner with flour? Then attach to the blow side of the vacuum and switch it on. It's great!!! Then you can have loads more fun sucking it all up again.

    Or you could get a hammer and test the malleability of metals by putting a coin or bit of brass on a flat hard surface and hitting it with all your might and seeing if you can turn it into foil.

    You can also have great fun with an oven by carrying out various chemical changes in it. This is commonly known as 'cooking' and not only can you eat the results, they can taste good. After a few experiments you could do this before your Mum and Dad get home from work and you'd be much more popular than the vacuum cleaner experiment.

    After that you could try finding out why it recommends not putting anything metal in the microwave. You could try foil, cutlery etc .. see which gives the best sparks. You may find the microwave doesn't work very well afterwards, but hey, now you know how to use the oven instead.

    Finally if really bored, you could try using the kettle to make some spirit from wine. Don't do it on the gas ring or it may catch fire.

    If you are still alive after trying all these, you could try making a motorised parachute out of your bed sheets and the cooling fan. It would be wise to do some research using your action man or something before jumping off the roof yourself.

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  • Bill F
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    1 decade ago

    A really great one. Catch a fly in you hand. Throw it down on a table to stun it. Then pick it up and put it into a glass of water. Push it down to the bottom of the glass for about 30 minutes until it isn't moving. place it on a flat surface and cover it with salt. After about 5 minutes it will climb out and fly away. You've brought it back from the dead! This is not a scam as if you do not cover it in salt it will not come back from the dead! Like the Monty Python parrot it will be pushing up the daisies.It will have snuffed it.

    Have tried it twice with the same fly. It works but you are likely to burn in hell for it.


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  • D g
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    1 decade ago

    I added a second even cooler experiment..

    here is one

    PUT some milk in a small dish

    then put a drop of food coloring in YOU CAN put a drop here and a different color somewhere else.

    just ONE DROP..

    then drop in dish soap..

    one drop of dish soap in the middle..

    the molecules of milk and dishsoap will move around and the food coloring will make swirls without you touching it..


    even cooler experiment..

    Here is the ultimate cooooool experiment HOT ICE

    tHIS SECOND one shows you how to make the sodium acetate from Vinegar and baking soda

    Youtube thumbnail

    this last one shows the cool effect.

    Youtube thumbnail

    That is the best I can think of now..

    These are what hand heaters are made of they give off heat when they crystalize..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you can make your own pH indicator to see whether some of your house hold things are acid, alkali or neutral


    red cabbage, water, substances to test for acidity and alkalinity.

    1 crush pieces of red cabbage

    2 add a little water

    3 keep crushing until colour has come out

    4 add a small amount of the mixture to a substance

    5 check for acidity or alkalinity

    acid = Red alkali = green neutral = purple

    you could also use beetroot instead of red cabbage :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    connect all your appliances together and form an electrical circuit. You can also connect the computer Appliances like mobiles, Ipod to computer and have some fun

    Hope it helps!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You could burn some toast, or make a Martguerita

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