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can rats eat chocolate?

im really confused about this. ive been reading things where people say a rat cant eat chocolate it will kill it, and others say they can eat it as long as its a small amount and that dark chocolate is good for a rat with a upper respiratory infection


i mean if i ever gave them some human chocolate it would be a bit the size of a smartie, i mean i wouldnt give them a whole bar

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    Yes they love chocolate but prefer licorice alsorts.

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    Can Rats Eat Chocolate

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    Confusion over for you :) Yes, rats CAN eat chocolate, it isn't poisonous to them at all, but then it is very fattening so shouldn't be given in large quantities and only as an extra special treat.

    Dark chocolate is extremely good for a rat with a respiratory problem, but it does have to be the very best quality dark chocolate to have the best effects. Not long ago I had a rat with a respiratory problem staying with me, she took a turn for the worst very quickly and it was (I believe) chocolate that gave that little bit of extra time to get her to the emergency vets for treatment that probably saved her life :)

    If you have a rattie emergency first aid kit (and if you don't you really should ;-D ) keep a small bar of good quality dark choc in it, you never know when you'll need it.

    Some excellent information on this page about rats and chocolate:


    It's written by the 'rat expert' Sandra Beasley, what she doesn't know about rats isn't worth knowing :)

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    Yes, rats can have chocolate, but it should only be given as an occasional treat, or a small square (a pea-sized amount should be enough) of high-quality dark chocolate to help your rat with a respiratory infection (you should still take them to the vets though, as they will also need antibiotics).

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    Rats can eat basically anything that humans can eat, but obviously not in as large quantities. Anything that is unhealthy for us is also unhealthy for them. For things that they can't eat look at the 'forbidden foods' part of this website: http://ratfanclub.org/diet.html I don't know about chocolate being good for rats with upper respiratory infections, however

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    Dark chocolate is the worst to give any rat

    its ok to give choclate in very small quantities and far apart but dog chocolate is a more heathier option and will reduce on problems that ordinary human choclate can give Dark chocolate is not good for any animal let alone rats, natural treats are best like fresh fruit and nuts but a little bit of chocolate (say 1/4 of a chocolate square of cadburys) should be okay every 2/3 months

    Source(s): Owned a lot of rodents, general knowledge
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    Not that Im against rats I think they make great pets but yes you could get any number of illnesses from a rat or any other animal for that matter. If they aren't properly cared for. Do your research online or at the library and if you get one take good care of it and you should be fine. If that's her reasoning you could tell her that the likelihood of you getting sick at school is much higher than from a pet.

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    rats have the same ability to metabolise the theobromine in chocolate that we do.

    chocolate is toxic to dogs. it isn't to rats.

    however it is fatty and sugary, so they should not have much.

    the darker the chocolate the better. compounds in the chocolate act as a bronchiodilator, meaning that if you offer some to a rat with respiratory trouble, then it can make them temporarily more comfortable. it's not a replacement for vet treatment, they would still need it, but it does help keep them comfortable during treatment.

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    actually yes a rat can eat Chocolate it is recommended to give a rat a Chocolate chip once a month remember 1 Chocolate chip per rat 1 time a month u can also give a piece of a Hershey bar like a Square piece to them every 3 months Chocolate will not kill ur rat or hurt it i use to give my old rat it and he lived longer then he was suppose to so to clear it up

    1 chocolate chip per rat 1 time a month or 1 piece of a hershey every 3 months not the whole bar break off 1 piece to give to him every 3 months it will not kill or hurt them

    Source(s): raised rats for 17 yr ..also a owner and work with rats
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    hi, im brogan, 16 years old. i have 3 female fancy rats and a dog :)

    tbh, there are SO many things your "not supposed to feed your pets"

    like your not "supposed" to feed you dog chocolate.

    My dog is 16 years old...and over the years i have given her ALOT of chocolate!

    every peice i have i share with her... its done her NO harm at all.

    shes a perfectly healthy 16 year old collie cross.

    I have had pet rats in the house ever since i can remember...

    MY rats (which are my full responsibility, no help from parents, cleaning out feeding etc.)

    I feed my rats everything.

    everything i eat, they get a share.

    including chocolate and sweets and fruit and vegetables and pasta ... EVERYTHING.

    the only thing i have found that my rats do not eat is lettuce (for some reason they dont like it)

    but they are 1 and a half years old now (nearly 2) and they are perfectly healthy! :)

    i am only speaking from my life experience...but although all these scientists or people online say you shouldnt feed your rats chocolate...i do, they love it! and they are perfectly healthy...no health issues at all!

    i would say, as long as your rat is getting a balanced diet (good rat food, fruit veges etc) then giving them chocolate is NO PROBLEM.

    as long as thats not the only thing their eating, it cant do any harm.

    just like people = everything in moderation.

    if you want to give them chocolate, and are worried about giving them normal stuff, there is actual rat chocolate treats you can buy from the pet store. it will keep them happy but youll be sure your not hurting them :)

    :)hope i helped..

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    Personally, I would not give my rats chocolate. Even though the rats in the wild live on anything they can get their little hands on, there are lots of things rats shouldn't have (for example, green bananas and citrus fruits).

    If you're unsure about anything like that, you should never, ever give your pet anything that you might even have the slightest idea would hurt it.

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