Christians, would you have a problem with Muslim prayer in schools?

I hear a lot of Christians say that religious belief is being attacked in America, prayer being banned in schools being pointed to as the most obvious example. But let me ask you this, would it be okay with you if there were an Islamic prayer in public school as well as a christian or even non-denominational prayer. Would you be comfortable with your children being exposed first hand to a religion that you don't agree with, which could easily influence them? What if your children started to believe in Islam (It can be very convincing)? wouldn't you feel like the schools are violating your right to raise your children how YOU see fit? Doesn't having no prayer in school protect everyone's right to freedom of religion?


2hearts says-

"Remember, you are not in Iraq, or in India or in are in America. If you want your kids to pray to these other Gods then go to the schools where they do..move to these countries.

I will not give up the Christian nation that we live in. I am glad there is freedom of religion, but would be completely against someone starting another nations religion in the schools in the United States. Sorry, Christians were here first...."

Uhhh... hmmm. Wait. Who were those people here before Christians? Oh...the NATIVE Americans, you say? And they WEREN'T Christians? Weird. Guess you failed history.

Update 2:

2hearts says-

"Remember, you are not in Iraq, or in India or in are in America. If you want your kids to pray to these other Gods then go to the schools where they do..move to these countries.

I will not give up the Christian nation that we live in. I am glad there is freedom of religion, but would be completely against someone starting another nations religion in the schools in the United States. Sorry, Christians were here first...."

Uhhh... hmmm. Wait. Who were those people here before Christians? Oh...the NATIVE Americans, you say? And they WEREN'T Christians? Weird. Guess you failed history.

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    That is such an excellent question that I have given it a star.

    The only way to make the fundies see the problem they represent is to throw a related problem smack into their faces. Excellent tactic.

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    I would have a problem with it. But thank God there are Christians schools to choose from. However, some would not be able to afford it. I can afford it, but choose not to at this time. She is just a small child. And right now, the schools do not allow prayers of any kind. My child is taught to pray at home. She doesn't need a school to learn that behavior. When she reaches middle school she will go to a private school. If the public schools allowed muslim prayers, I would, at that point, home-school my child or send her to a private school. I don't think having no prayers in the school is such a bad thing because we live in a VERY diverse country. And besides, most Muslim prefer their children in muslim schools as well as Jews who attend jewish schools--so why not Christians? So its probably better that prayers are not included. But if a Christian parent is really adamant on prayers in school, then its time to go private.

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    I am a Christian and I feel as if all types of prayers, etc, should be allowed in schools.

    I would be comfortable with my children being exposed to religions I do not agree with. If I were to keep them in complete ignorance, and one day find out I am wrong, what kind of mother would I be? After all, each of us are thinking human beings. We have the right to decide what we believe is the truth for ourselves.

    Is God afraid to be examined?

    1 Thessalonians 5:21: "Test everything. Hold on to the good.

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    Actually, where I went to public school Muslim prayer was allowed, Christian prayer was not. Muslims were allowed to go to a certain room and pray if they were in school during one of their prayer times. As far as I know, this right is given in every school.

    I was allowed to bring any religious text to school... except the Bible.

    When prayer was held off of the school grounds not during school hours, there were a lot of problems and threats for any teachers who attended. Last I checked, your employer doesn't own you.

    I think non-christians need to get over themselves. If people want to pray, then they should be given an area to pray in (like the Muslim kids) and allowed to. Or a moment of silence given so they can pray to themselves in their head. But I will say that when I once bowed my head before I ate, silently, I had a teacher interrupt me. I was trying to do it without drawing attention, but apparently I did, and was told to do that before school.

    Compare this to my elementary school where we studied Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and a bunch of other religions, and where they said we could pray but we couldn't lead OTHERS in prayer, and you get true freedom.

    Add: Just to point it out, in this, the American Nation, the nation created and called America, I would say Christianity WAS here first. Native Americans actually had their own nations.

    But it occurred to me that what was the strangest thing was that in HS and Junior High where I went, I learned next to NOTHING about other cultures. Yes, we were allowed to read their religious texts, but not to discuss them. When I went to university, they asked "What holiday happens in May and what is the significance of it" I was the only one who raised my hand. When they asked "What other holidays happen in December" I was able to raise my hand. Why should it matter for our kids to learn these things and not be completely isolated from any religious expression? Because in the real world, religion is a part of people's lives, and so you are going to run into it, and a part of understanding and getting along with people is to understand their beliefs. You don't get that by banning religious expression.

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    Think of a food you dislike. Now, is it okay to have it on the menu at a restaurant? Of course. Is it okay for it to be served in your home if you're the only one eating? Ditto for horrible perfume/cologne for sale vs. someone wearing it in your home. On one hand, you can CHOOSE those things, CHOOSE to enter an islamic school. On the other hand, you have children of multiple different religions being taught . . . WHICH religion? Teach them all? That's a personal choice, selected by family when you're young, and later chosen to accept or reject later. What's wrong with that mission statement? They're saying they believe they're the best, and they want everyone else to believe that too. They believe their religion is right, and want everyone else to think that too. Christianity has always condemned everyone to hell for being unbelievers, so I'm not sure where the difference lies. I'm personally not fooled by muslims, but on the surface, there's nothing wrong with any of what you're complaining about. This country was founded partially by atheists and socialists, who ran away from a country that tried to force everyone to be all the same religion, so they came here to make sure everyone has the choice, and it will never be choked down anyone's throat.

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    I do not ever recall our school system, gov., or church holding a gun on anyone making them of forcing them to pray in the name of the Christian God, or to Jesus Christ. We have always asked. Others do not have to participate. If you do not want your child to pray fine, (we will pray for you & your child).

    But, the school system still forces satanism on everyone, come Oct. My children have to attend school with witches & witches on their broom sticks, ghosts, spiders, spiders web, and these things that represents satan & satan worship. But, the Christians, come Christmas, & Easter cannot have up anything that represent Christ. No Jesus on the cross,(but a witch on a broomstick), no Baby Jesus in a manager, (but a BUNNY with EGGS & a basket), & so on. Why, haven't Christian said anything about this? I have but I am only one & you have to have others on your side.

    I am a born again Christian. Thanks to my countrymen who Have fought & died for what we believe in. Under God for which it stands. This is talking about the God of heaven & earth. For back then we had the freedom to pray & read our Bibles in school. We started EVERY day when I was a child in school with Bible reading, prayer, & pledged to the AMERICAN flag.

    America, is a free country & I would like for it to stay that way. I don't want someone pointing a gun at my head & telling me I have to pray to Buddha, or Alla, or any other god other than my own God.

    In the American Native Nations there were tribes who were believers. Who do you think the tribes were praying to when they lifted their hands toward the heavens & prayed to the Great Spirit In the sky. Do You think God is so stupid He wouldn't make a way for everyone to come to Him?

    Jesus said, "I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the Life, NO MAN comes to the FATHER E-X-C-E-P-T through ME." John 14: 1-7

    There were tribes who didn't believe, just as there are nation's & people who do not believe now.

    Any school that teaches another way other that what this great nation was founded upon it should also be mandatory to teach the Bible right next to it.

    Why would I want my child to sit in a class room that is teaching something else other than the Bible, when the Bible can't even be taught? I feel as if my right's have already been violated, & taken away. My children can't wear anything to school that represents Chirstianty, no shirt, with a cross, nothing, but, muslim, have there own dress code. They can pray, or whatever. Now the point, I don't care what they wear, or whatever, but I was always taught "What is good for the goose is good for the gander", If your are going to do for one then do for them all. No one is more special than another.

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    I think if a student wants to pray, then they can pray to whoever they want. A moment of silence for reflection, prayer, memorial after tragedy is fine also. So long as no one is telling a child they have to pray or who they have to pray to, there is nothing wrong. School led prayer or any religious activity is illegal. Teaching about all religions (or at least the major ones and ones that reflect the student population) is legal and required. Student led prayer or other religious things like clubs, etc. is legal, and forbidding is is illegal. Like if a student wants to start a club for a specific religion and the administration denies it, but allows another student to start say a chess club, that is illegal. I think preventing a student from praying when and where they want is wrong. If I wanted to pray before my lunch when I was in school, then I would be extremely disappointed if I was not allowed to, same would go for my children. Seeing someone pray is not going to force anything on anyone.

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    My school at a prayer room where during break all religious people went to pray. The only problem that occurred was students started eating their lunch in there and the teachers threatened to close it down if students didn't keep the room clean. But otherwise no one at any problems, Atheists didn't complain, and everyone was happy to pray together. It some ways it probably helped to teach tolerance.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As long as ALL prayer is allowed in schools, yet noone is required to take part in any one of them, no.

    Problem is Christians are not allowed to show any signs of being Christian, while Muslims are encouraged to do so.

    That's discrimination based on religion, the active oppression of Christianity in favour of Islam by a government agency, which is unconstitutional.

    The constitution states clearly that the government cannot favour one religion over another (nowhere does it state it can't allow any religious practice by government agencies) or force any one religion on people, but ever more Islam is being forced upon people while Christianity is being oppressed.

    That's the way things are in Saudi Arabia and Iran, do you really want to turn the US into that kind of country?

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    Excellent question. You definately get a star. Christian fundamentalist love to use the freedom of religion card as an argument for prayer in school. However it only applies to them. They are about banning the religious rights of those who do not believe as they do.

    Source(s): This Pagan Witch's point of view.
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    A Christian is able to pray all day long without special times set aside to bury our faces in the ground while doing so. Almost all the Christians I know both working and in school keep a constant, or near constant prayer going between themselves and the Lord. We don't however force anyone else to participate. If Muslims can do that and not disrupt everyone else then I can see no reason they can't pray.

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