can women join the british royal marines?

heyy :]

i'm considering joining the army but I was just wondering can women join the british marines?

by that i don't mean cook/clean, I actually want to do something not stand around a cooker or washing floors ;)

muchlove <3

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    Every one unfortunately has it correct,

    you cant join a "combat" unit,

    this is mainly because of outdated rules regarding, physical strength and the need to provide separate "facilities"

    (the MOD have never actually stated what these "facilities" are tough)

    However with the rise of what the americans are calling asymmetric warfare in Afghanistan women are finding themselves in close combat on a fairly regular basis as there is no actual "front line" in Afghan.

    if you are desperate to join a active unit and not hang around doing nothing consider the royal engineers or REME stay away from adjutant generals corps. (These guys do lots of paper work)

    hope that helps!


    there is over 100 different trades and jobs in the army alone sure you can find somthing pop along to your local army careers and hear it from the horses mouth we can argue and disagree as much as we want on here they actually have answers!

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    Can Women Join The Marines

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    Female Royal Marines

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    women cant joint the marine due to the fact that it would weaken the marines as an effective commando force, this is down to a few things like menstrual cycle which can cause A LOT of problems. after women have been allowed more prominent role in the army their have been at least 200 hundred cases in which women have had sex before they go on tours only to find out some moths later that they are pregnant and going into labor, you can probably imagine the problems this has caused and the problems it would cause if in a COMMANDO unit behind enemy lines. it can also cause disruption in unit cohesion as relationships can form. Though some are possibly good enough to pass training, they are only about 0.88% of all the women in the UK, a few women have tried it only to fail miserably, the furthest any woman has been able to get was 9 weeks out of 32 and she was an athlete. at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that women would cause to many problems for a unit such as the commandos and the fact that females are (naturally) physically (not mentally) inferior to males and even though its a taboo thing to say it s still a fact that will never change.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    can women join the british royal marines?

    heyy :]

    i&#39;m considering joining the army but I was just wondering can women join the british marines?

    by that i don&#39;t mean cook/clean, I actually want to do something not stand around a cooker or washing floors ;)

    muchlove &lt;3

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    It would be nice, I'm a woman but love what the Royal Marines do - the international reputation of the BRM's isn't bad either :) I'm no feminist, so I will agree with others that the training would be tough, and like with Women in the regular Infantry, there would be a limit as to what we could do. So...maybe, I think it all depends on sophistication of technology, equality in the future, and the physical capabilities of the individual. Hope this helps! : )

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    Sort of. You could join the Royal Marines Band, or the Navy, where you might serve alongside the Marines on a secondment, but women cannot directly join the Marines

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    No women cannot serve in combat units in the british armed services, this is not just the marines.

    You cannot join any infantry unit, mechanised or armoured units.

    Anything where your job is to shoot and kill women are not allowed to participate in the british armed force, in fac there are only 3 or 4 countries in the world where women are allowed to serve on the front line and the are like sweden denmark etc, the ones who don't fight a lot.

    You can join logistics or be on a boat in the navy but you cannot join the marines,paras or as i have said any front line regiment.

  • Sorry, Royal Marine is male only due to the nature of its operations, which females cannot partake in frontline action.

    Women can join the Royal Marines Band, but you need to know extensive knowledge of music as its nails to pass selection interview.

    So yeah sorry, Royal Marines is a big sausage fest.

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    Well firstly in order to be in the Marines, you'd have to join the Navy :)

    But if I am correct, then I don't believe women are allowed to serve in combat roles I'm afraid :/

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