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How do "do not walk on the grass" signs get there?

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    Well, back when Adam and Eve roamed the land, Adam made a sign that said "Do not walk on the grass." Now of course, Eve wondered what 'grass' was and asked Adam what it was. Adam suddenly realized he had done wrong because there was no such thing as grass. So he and Eve prayed for 17 days, asking that God would create grass to grow around the sign. On the eighteenth day of prayer, God sent the angel Gabriel to scatter grass seeds around the sign. Then God brought rain upon Earth to let the grass grow. And the green grass grew all around all around, yes, the green grass grew all around.

    Source(s): The Gardener's Bible
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    Some boring person puts them there and waits behind a bush for a person to walk on the grass then is all like "hey did you not see the sign?" then the offending person is all like "get a life its only grass" then the boring person is all like "grass IS my life"

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    Chuck Norris Puts the sign up.

    Chuck Norris does not walk on grass, Grass walks on Chuck Norris.

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    There are professionals who do somersaults across the grass and drive the sign in with their bare hands. They are top-heavy from their powerful arm muscles and scrawny legs so they naturally fall forward anyway, so doing somersaults is a convenient way for them to make a living.

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    By people walking on the grass.

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    What aliens would you be asking about? Oh and i just put the sign in before I plant the grass!

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    They simply... appear. And then they breed in giant underground 'do not walk on the grass sign' tunnels and sprout up in random places. Some have hypothesised that this may have something to do with sprouts, though such rumours have not been proven.

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    The council guy is air lifted above the grass, then lowered.

    Mission Impossible style!

    Now tell me - how does the guy that drives the snow plough get to work in the morning?

    Source(s): =P
  • Easy, someone puts it there before they aren't allowed to walk on the grass.

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    Evil Lawn Gnomes.

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