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Did the illuminati Kill & Sacrifice Michael Jackson on Summer Solstice?

I have a strange vibe I feel with the death of MJ he was the most known person in theworld and he had an impact on so many peoples lives now I understand why he is dead and I want to see if any of you are thinking the same thing I am thinking. Now that it has been almost 3 days that passed I can feel a total shift and I now know as I began to investigate that this death of michael jackson has something to do with the Summer Solstice Sacrifice. And don't ask me how I know this I just do. I am not apart of any occult but I am connected to God. And I am aware of these malicious activity as I was explaining to a friend that there was going to be a shift of energy on Summer Solstice and a shift of a pole. This is very evil works at hand and no one really understands that this is the workings of the Devil, Illuminati, lucifer. They are controlling Mass people with this shock and I believe that this has been planned for many many years for a sacrifice. MJ is one of God's children that was caught in the way but I believe he will be saved but is going through alot of tests afterdeath. This is very scary and I can totally feel that there has been a shift in humanity in the last 48hrs. Something Bad is about to happen and it is not safe for me to say on here. But if you'd like to share theories I am open. This is sickening as I am aware of the occult and summer solstice day was 3-4 days before his death. Crazy and they attacked his heart which has undoutedly affected all of our heart chakras. This is DEEP!!! Write Back.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the sick Illuminati nutjobs are involved here. There are DVDs out there people; they are serious and not made by crazy people. There's a DVD produced by an English guy who makes alot of films, he either did or still does work for the BBC, I'm sorry but I cannot remember his name. The DVD I have seen is called The Illuminati, you all need to check it out, there even is secret footage of the training the American military receives; it's not about saving innocent lives folks, it's chants like "hey ho, I wanna kill someone, stick the knife in and twist, and twist, and twist" is that DEMOCRACY?? In this documentary they reveal which celebrities are powerful or gifted, meaning they are psychic or able to do "magic", which means alot of different things to different people. It was revealed that Michael Jackson possessed these "natural" gifts and therefore was sought out by the Illuminati, in other words they wanted him to work for them. He refused to do their dirty work, so he's been in danger ever since. Did you actually believe that Michael Jackson hurt children, did you really think that he was a pedophile? Come on folks, I've seen many documentaries on pedophiles, they are NOTHING like Jackson, and there was NO EVIDENCE against MJ, it was nothing but hearsay, and bull. They tried to put him in prison for punishment, to put pressure on him, to get him to cave, but he was strong and was found NOT GUILTY, which was the correct verdict. Believe me, had he caved, he would not have stayed in jail for long even if he had beed convicted; some miracuolus evidence would have surfaced to prove him innocent. It didn't turn out the way they had hoped, the jury weren't their little puppets to control so I guess they decided to take him out, you know he was complaining about chest pains for 2 days, and they found nothing wrong with his heart...think people think. They're going to come out and say it was prescription meds or something like that, well, prescription medications don't give you chest pains. Don't believe the crap you see on t.v. it's all filtered to make you think what they want you to think. Believe it or not people, the Illuminati do exist, they are some of the sickest people in the world, they want to control everything and everyone...yes that means you. Do the research folks, it's not hard, the Government, CIA, the Military, etc. are all loaded with Illuminati members in the correct positions, and I don't mean just the American Government, it's all world Governments, all obsessed with implementing their New World Order. Don't believe it? Look at your American one dollar bill, why does it say New World Order on it in latin? What is with that eye on top of the pyramid? Why on earth do you think they want to microchip everyone? Wake-Up because it's not to keep you safe, it's to control you totally. Go find out what the New World Order is all about. By the way the old bag Queen of England is EVIL, she's a damn devil-worshipping old hag. If you think that Princess Diana was killed in an accident, you need to have your head examined...don't insult people, just go and check out David Icke and Alex Jones, Anthony Hilder, and there are tons of others; do the research. By the way, it's not the tests after his death that will save him, it's all the good he did, and the people he helped, and the suffering he did while he was alive. Don't worry about it though, there is a God, we don't exist by accident, we did not generate from dirt like some psycho scientists would have you believe, the guilty will pay and their suffering will start while they're alive and continue after they are dead; just like all the people suspected to be involved in the President Kennedy assassination plot, they all died of cancer, and suffered bigtime, and then went on to receive further justice elsewhere. You can take that to the bank!!

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    Did the illuminati Kill & Sacrifice Michael Jackson on Summer Solstice?

    I have a strange vibe I feel with the death of MJ he was the most known person in theworld and he had an impact on so many peoples lives now I understand why he is dead and I want to see if any of you are thinking the same thing I am thinking. Now that it has been almost 3 days that passed I can...

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    Illuminati Michael Jackson

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    I haven't heard about the Summer solstice thing...

    However....the moment I heard of Michael Jackson's death I knew that it had to have a deeper meaning linked to the Illuminati. I do believe his death was some sort of sacrificial ritual in result of the Illuminati/Freemason to continue their plan of mass mind control. I don't understand why and how but I DO would like to learn more.

    I'm giving myself a good year before I look at the news and believe the lies they made-up to spew. I'm doing the research myself.

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    Throughout his career he was personified as an object of babylonian/egyptian solar worship and was referred to as "the king".

    It's pretty clear that he was ritually sacrificed.

    The elite's religion did this ritual murder, for numerous reasons too..They knew that he was going against the grain,when he spoke out against Mottola and Sony,and he was waking up from the prison that was long created by him.That's why they took him to trial, revenge,they know you can't recover from charges like that ever.The crooks that run the biz are devils, they hate humanity,the biz is full of sex slavery and control, and the real molesters will never go to trial.

    the illuminati definately didn't want him to make a comback and sing the type of songs he sings that can unite people or empower people especially now their NWO is almost complete...he was killed...I strongly believe that but most people don't know abouit secret societies so they only c the surface.

    bbc accidently reported he was dead before he even got to hospital, they ****** up like 9/11!!!

    definitely murdered! obama was in a 'undisclosed location' and watching the whole thing unfold with some german whore whom he was using for the day - bbc news

    people should think how ****** pricks like rockafella live for ****** eva and good people live for a while?

    michael was muslim, something the nwo have declared war against!

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    I was sure that they sacrifice members only, but I would agree that they killed him. I've read 3 of his lyrics and they all contained a message. The song "man in the mirror" was directed at them, and "What comes around goes". There was this other song I'm not sure if it was from any of the two listed, he was like this message is too strong not to notice indicating that there is a message in his songs.

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    The doctor has 11 counts against him meds it got in someone elses name and gave to Michael,Michael was addicted to drugs and the doctor took advantage of that to make a lot of money but as of the day Michael died till now the doctor had not received a dime,yeah.I hope he gets a big prison sentence out of this.

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    Lori C. WOW, I couldn't have said it better. Perfect. And to add on top of that, yes he was killed by the illuminati who hired that doctor. He will be acquitted watch the injustice happen. Also MJ was MASSIVE and he became so by making songs like "Smooth Criminal" "Bad" and "Billie Jean" (which disclaims a child, baby mama drama), promoting the negatives of this world but somewhere along the way he realized how powerful his words were and started making songs like "Man in the Mirror" "Black or White" and "We are the World", songs that of a positive nature, which doesn't promote the negatives. The Illuminati disliked this and ruined his career with false convictions of THEE WORSE kind. MJ WAS ANTI-ILLUMINATI, just watch the video "SCREAM" where he starts to do the cross with his hands but he stops before he could complete the cross (which represents the device that killed Jesus Christ) which was a DISS to the Illuminati. He had the power to warn the world since the world KNEW MJ and his comeback tour was gonna be his way of warning us but SO CLOSE to the tour date he is MURDERED....... What I don't get is the Illuminati is so bent on destroying this world and the followers that are helping him that they don't realize that once this world is destroyed THE FOLLOWERS WILL BE DESTROYED as well, the purpose is to DESTROY what the TRUE GOD created and Satan is Human, he will be destroyed as well, if this world is destroyed.

    By the way, did any of you notice that the crescent moon that night MJ died was red like blood? It was red that night.

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    I agree with you completely especially after I witnessed Beyonces' BIZARRE RITUALISTIC performance on the 2009 BET awards.You are not crazy, my friend, you as I just see that which is hidden in plain sight. If you out there disagree I urge you to go to YOUTUBE and enter ILLUMINATI MUSIC INDUSTRY. It only gets worse from here,,,God help us.

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    I know that this show was talking about sacrificing celebs for the summer but I don`t know about Michael Jackson

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    Great theory. I dont doubt it. The Illuminati do do some really crazy sh!t, like the ritual they do in Bohemians Grove around the 26 ft owl.

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