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Why is Firefox considered a safer and more secure internet browser than Internet Explorer?

I'm not too tech-savy, so could someone please explain this to me in layperson terms?

Why do so many people consider Firefox to be a better internet browser than Internet Explorer? I'm especially curious about the claims of Firefox being more secure. How is Firefox more safe and secure than IE? And does it really matter about the security of the browser even if the computer has a whole antivirus software program (such as Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security)?

What is it about Firefox that makes it more secure?

Any other information about the two internet browsers would be helpful too.


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    IE uses Active X, & Microsoft says this can be "extremely insecure"

    "From the moment a user downloads an ActiveX control, the control may be vulnerable to attack..."

    (FF does not use Active X)

    There were 366 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer's ActiveX compared to FF vulnerabilities of 115 last year

    The United States Government recommends you "Use a different web browser"

    "There are a number of significant vulnerabilities in technologies involving the IE domain/zone security model, ...IE is integrated into Windows to such an extent that vulnerabilities in IE frequently provide an attacker significant access to the operating system" is perhaps the best source to track browser security holes. If you look at this source, which summarizes secunia over several yrs (not just one yr), you will see that all browsers have had vulnerabilities, but IE has the most & takes the longest to fix

    IE's support of webstandards is really bad

    This means that as long as a website follows standards it will work better in FF, or any other browser for that matter

    FF has tons of addons. You can get Microsoft updates through Firefox & use any on-line scanner with this addon

    IE's rendering engine hasn't changed over the years, its still based on "Trident". This is old technology that is starting to show its age, no matter how well dressed it has been getting.

    There is a rumor that Microsoft is finally going to kill off Internet Explorer & that IE8 will be the last Internet Explorer. There will most likely be an IE9, but it won't actually be Internet Explorer anymore, it will probably be WebKit or Gazelle with the IE name. might as well get used to using alternate browsers......


    The most popular brands of antivirus on the market (Norton etc)... have an 80 percent miss rate...the actual reason why the top selling antivirus applications don't work is because malware authors are specifically testing their Trojans and viruses to make sure they can bypass these applications before releasing them in the wild

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    You tell me. If Firefox really is that safe then there wouldn't be any need for NoScript add-on wouldn't there. Apparently it's a myth according to Secunia. Firefox was riddled with vulnerabilities last year and twice as much than IE. But what Firefox get its praise is that they patch up the vulnerabilities quite quickly.

    Put it simply, it's to do with the blogs and the forums and so on where people spread half-truths and myths as well as facts and it's very hard to separate the crap and the fact. I have seen one quoting in Yahoo Answers that Firefox is 60% safer and yet I have not seen that evidence to support that claim. Also alot to do with anti-Microsoft and Firefox is seen as the underdog taking on Goliath.

    I have Firefox and IE8 and I have no particular favourite browser. You need to have IE though, for example, some online security scanners doesn't work on Firefox and you'll need the windows updates too. You do need real-time protection from a top quality security program.

    It's you that gives the best chance of not getting malware by having safe browsing habits instead of relying on a particular browser which is supposedly "safer" than the rest of the other browsers.

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  • 4 years ago

    The virus may be on the computer. You could just try using chrome and uninstalling IE. Chrome is much easier, faster, and has much more functions (through extensions) anyways, so chrome would be a better option whether or not removing IE takes the viruses out with it

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only thing I can add is that I like to do jigsaw puzzles. I can do them on FF but not IE. I have them both installed and use IE for everything else.

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  • 1 decade ago full info with screenshots,I use firefox I'm satisfied with it.

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