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Anyone own or know about Japanese Akitas?

I was just wondering if anyone out there owns a Japenese Akita?

We are looking to buy one this year from a pup. I have done some research on the dogs and from what i can gather, they are nice dogs that are very protective of their home and family and if raised right, will not be vicious or nasty (unless teased).

We have an 11 month old son at the minute, he will be 1 by the time we have the dog. But the main reason for wanting a puppy is so that it is brought up around my son from a young age.

I would like anymore information that you could give me, and are negative/positie things about these dogs.

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    Buy a well bred Akita from a reputable, knowledgeable breeder and you will have the best dog in the world! However, they are not for the novice and need a firm hand from day one. Even the best bred Akita will probably not tolerate other dogs of the same sex though and this is an important consideration. Akitas should be 100% trustworthy with humans but unfortunately they are not anywhere near that with other dogs. They were bred to hunt and they are a Spitz breed, both ofwhich means they are pretty independent and not reliable off the lead. The only problems with children would not be your child, but when you have visiting children. An Akita will protect your child with his life but when children are playing - laughing, screaming etc. it is easy for a dog to misinterprete the situation and harm a child he thinks is hurting "his" child. The other problem is that they are very BIG - around a 100lbs and when young, pretty bouncy - an 11 month old would be flattened!

    Akitas are a very big responsibility, personally I'd go for something less challenging - a GSD if you are into big dogs.

    Don't get either breed if you are houseproud - they both moult to Olympic standard.

    Source(s): My dog of a lifetime was an Akita.
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    I believe a lot of it is purely down to the owner and how the dog is raised, although some dogs do have more of a aggressive streak than others, before committing ask yourself a few questions, are you experienced enough with dogs?? can you be the dominant force?? would it not be better to leave it a while until your child is a little older and wont be tempted to pull its tail or poke at its ears etc? could you live with yourself if god forbid something should happen to your child? unless you are very knowledgeable about the breed of dog you should maybe settle for a more family friendly/sociable dog like a labrador or retriever

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  • Yes. If you want a true answer, trust me. Me and my family have pratically having Akita\Akita crosses since the day I was born.

    Akitas are really beutifull dogs. Hard to train, dominant, can have agressive issues, specially with other dogs and strangers, shed really LOT'S, arent good for stuffy weather and are basically hard pets to have. But for the right person, Akitas can be the best dog EVER. They are very loyal and protective of the ppl they know. Here is a very moving and true Akita story: and some clips:

    Youtube thumbnail

    They don't need lot's of attention and they are basically "outside" dogs. They are working dogs who have been bred generation after generation to run all day long throught the snow. This bounding energy doesn't make them sutiable for urban living.

    Watch this video for more info on akitas:

    Youtube thumbnail


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    PLEASE DO NOT GET AN AKITA WITH A BABY THAT AGE!!! I have a girlfriend who has 3 Akita's and has had a litter. They are VERY temper mental dogs. Yes, they are sweet to you, but as soon as that dog feels threatened, it WILL attack. I have seen her dogs do it. They are really a one person dog i'd say. I really hope you think twice. I wouldn't take one of her puppies for that very reason. They have even attacked her! So what does that tell you? I got out 2 year old a husky and would really recommend that bread for anyone. the are loving, not guard dogs, but do need attention and exercise. Our son can jump on her belly and she doesn't so much as snort at him. For the life of your son, rethink the Akita bread

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    i agree with all the comments said they are not a breed for the novice as a breeder with you having a young child and not knowing your other circumstances regarding living . garden .activity i would be very reluctant in letting you have one the breeding of this dog is vitally important as there are a lot of back garden breeders who have spoilt the breed and any good breeder will come vet you but i very strongly recommend that you get a different breed of dog( owner of japanese akitas for over 20 years) not for the novice owner

    Source(s): question to ask yourself ?is this the dog for me ?or am i the person for this dog
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    Akitas are one of the few breeds who are rarely submissive to any owner. They are almost cat-like in their qualities.

    They are aloof, stubborn and don't respond to stress particularly well.

    With a small child I would NOT recommend an Akita, you could be putting your child at risk.

    Source(s): Lifelong dog owner, worked with Akitas.
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    Most are very temperamental, they can go from happy to biting in a second. We have a girl here at work that just got attacked by one that she had known the dog for awhile. It wasn't pretty. Just something to consider before you make a decision.

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