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Anyone who owns Japanese Akitas?

I was just wondering if anyone out there owns a Japenese Akita?

We are looking to buy one this year from a pup. I have done some research on the dogs and from what i can gather, they are nice dogs that are very protective of their home and family and if raised right, will not be vicious or nasty (unless teased).

We have an 11 month old son at the minute, he will be 1 by the time we have the dog. But the main reason for wanting a puppy is so that it is brought up around my son from a young age.

I would like anymore information that you could give me, and are negative/positie things about these dogs.

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    My dad used to have an akita dog. He told us often that his dog was very stubborn, never showed friendly attitude to neighbors or visitors, showed his loyalty only to his owner (my dad) and his family member...but never harm anybody. He was not friendly to other dogs also. When other dogs found him during their walk, they bark like crazy. But he granced at it a moment, and gave a sniff and walk away. Dad told us he never intend to fight.

    One of my friends also had a white akita dog. I have visited her house several times and played with him. This akita dog was completely opposite what my dad told me. Very friendly and couldn't stand being alone. He also never harm anybody, and barely barked.

    Both told me that you need to train the dog well at first. Once he/she was trained, Akita dog will become very caring dog for you and your family member. My friend told me that her dog accidentally bit her arm once when she was playing with the dog. She said it was not really "bite". It was just his fang caught her arm not intending to do so. As proof of this, the moment his fang fell into her arm skin, he literally froze and didn't move even a bit. His mouth was like shaking with regret what just happened and his eyes was full of terror, she said.

    Akita dog is very good one only if you train him/her well. Once he/she knows what is right (good), what is wrong (bad), the dog will never try to do bad things.

    You just have to know that every dogs have fangs. Even they never intend, the accident may occur. You must keep it in mind. They are not a doll or robot that was programmed not to harm human. They have heart and if you hurt their feelings, they will do things that you are not willing to see.

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    I have heard that Japanese Akitas and American Akitas are quite different, but in Japan, when you hear on the news about somebody being badly injured by a dog it is invariably an Akita. As you say, they are VERY protective and they when they attack, they tend to do so without warning.

    I don't want to put you off, but you better check it out with some breeders first. See how you get on with the pup's parents first.

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    ndAlthough i did not have a akita myself i wanted one until my neighbour got one. My neighbour is very good with dog and had a Rottweiler that passed away due to age. Despite my neighbour doing his best and trying various training schools (this hurt his pride as he has always been able to train his dogs to an excellent in fact un beatable standard but he thought it was only fair on the dog) the dog attacked two other dogs and he just felt it was going to attack someone who got close to him. He gave this dog away to a Akita re homing Charity. So from what i have seen first hand and read on the dogs they are 100% no no's for a family with young children.

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