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Problem with nissan micra 2003 battery drain?

Hello all!

I have a problem with a Nissan Micra 2003 2.1V. It has only recently become a problem as I have just stopped using it everyday as I have changed jobs.

The battery is being drained over a period of about one week. Before when i was driving it during the week it was absolutely fine over weekends and things but as I am not using it so often this problem has become apparent. I have changed the battery and that had made no difference. I have also switched things off in the car such as the radio and interior light so they can't flick on somehow and there is still a problem! All it needs is a jump start to get going and it is absolutely fine! I really love car!

I have also had a mechanic come to look at it who couldnt find a drain from the battery (testing it with an ammeter) so it seems that something is kicking in when it is off and draining the battery!? It is now completely dead and I will have to use the key to get in! I have heard that micras have a relatively common problem where the computer is coming on randomly and draining the battery- anyone know how i might be able to fix that possible problem? or restart the computer somehow?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

Thank you!


The test done by the mechanic was removing the fuses and seeing if the was a drain using an ammeter when the car was off, this showed no drain. Thanks!

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    I am no expert by any means. First thing I would do is in the fuse box's when the vehicle is turned off. Test every fuse outlet that the vehicle has. Doing so "should locate the culprit. If that does not help I would take it to a dealer ship and see if the are any recalls or advice they may have. Hope I helped, Happy driving.

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