someone asked a q. on wikianswers ''i'm 230 lbs and might be gettin diabetes' .. how/why would they think so?


just confuses me.. how do you 'get' diabetes anyway?

i don't really know :S

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    Overweight can bring on type 2 diabetes in someone who is prone to it. You are very thirsty, pee a lot, have achy limbs, feel very tired after eating, blurry vision and feel generally lousy.

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    I think if there was a known trigger for diabetes, then there would be far less people with the disease.

    Many who get type 2 diabetes seem to gain weight, and others with type 1 seem to lose weight dramatically just before feeling so badly, that they sometimes are in the hospital because of it, and discover the diabetes then.

    Weight seems to be a indicator, and this may be the reason.

    Taking insulin once you know that you have diabetes will change dangerous levels of high blood sugars into body fats.

    So it can be concluded that just prior to a type 1 discovering that they are not producing any insulin, they have lost weight, because their body could not make body fat, yet the body fat was still being consumed during the normal day.

    Also for a type 2 diabetic, they may have been producing to much insulin, and converting a lot of blood sugars into body fat, and gaining more weight for whatever reason, such as eating many more calories then they use during a day for many weeks at a time.

    I seem to be in this catagory, where I want to keep eating - even though I know that I should have eaten plenty of food that day, and still feel really hungry. I keep producing normal amounts of insulin, and it keeps changing to body fat, and I keep gaining weight.

    I don't want to gain weight, I want to lose weight, but don't seem to be able to stop eating, I am always hungry.

    There is a third and little talked about thing that the liver does to release body fats that have been stored back into the bloodstream as blood sugars again. Perhaps this function keeps people fat if they can no longer change the fats back into blood sugars effectively? This could also be my problem.

    Skinny people annoy me when they say "Just don't eat so much". Well perhaps their hunger can shut off at the right time, and when they have excess fat stored, their liver is working correctly to change that fat back into blood sugars in the proper amounts.

    Diabetes is still not well understood, even if we now know how to control it well. The organs are very complex, and we will probably understand them much better in 20 more years. Perhaps by then there will be a pill to change the excess body fats into blood sugars, the same way that the liver does it naturally.

    Good Luck!

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    Ok everyone thinks if you are overweight ..Diabetes

    That you eat too much sweets & Sugar..Diabetes


    GOOGLE Diabetes and you will see it comes from family yours or a generation back

    you don't produce enough insulin and your body needs it.

    I got diabetes at 15 and weighed 115 5' 2... I am now in my late 20s and take 2 shots a day. You need to watch what you eat and exercise.

    If you are drinking way too much you need to see a doctor

    if you are tired all the

    if you feel a change in your attitude and body..weight gain or loss

    If you get the shakes and you get

    if your lips start to get numb and

    They will test you and they can tell by a blood test. Do it just to be sure and set your mind at ease and good luck.

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    Obesity is a sure fire way to get diabetes. Your body can no longer metabolise the carbohydrates and sugars from all the junk food you eat that's made you fat. The fat interferes with the insulin uptake in the cells that contain the sugar from the food you've eaten. Over time your cells become insulin resistant and your cells won't even absorb the insulin you make. This is adult onset diabetes (2) by the way. Losing weight is one of the best ways to help decrease the amount of insulin you need to metabolize sugar. Eat more veggies and meat. They don't contain sugar and have very low glycemic indexes.

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    There is a higher risk of getting Type 2 diabetes if you are overweight. That might be why they think so.... But, you don't get diabetes by what you eat, or don't eat... Maybe they just think they will get diabetes because they believed the lie that you get diabetes if you are overweight.

    Source(s): Type 1 diabetic :)
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    Diabetes is a condition where the B cells in your pancreas fail to produce insulin in response to an elevated blood glucose level. Blood glucose rises after a meal and insulin is the signal that tells your body to store it for those times when you're not eating.

    Diabetes can be congential (Type I - total lack of insulin) or acquired (Type II). Type II can develop if a person has chronically high insulin levels (insulin resistance) and it's associated with obesity because excess stomach fat can induce insulin resistance (lots of adipose cells require lots of insulin).

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    Are you asking how you get diabetes like body wise? Like what happens?

    Or like what group gets it?

    Well Type 1 diabetes (usually younger) get it from genetics only.

    Type 2 diabetes can also be genetics, but can also be from being un healthy. (for adults, mainly.)


    if it was the what happens part.. it's when your pancrease stops making sugar like it should be, so you have to inject yourself with insulin to keep your blood level doing a-okay :D

    Source(s): i've been diabetic 4 years.
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    to much or little sugar in ur blood i think

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