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Why was JK Rowling rejected by 12 publishing houses before her first Potter was accepted by a minor publisher?

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    Probably because new authors are a financial risk. they aren't well known, and though a publisher might like it, the public may not. Also, if the publishing companies already had enough established writers working for them, they wouldn't need another author

    Thats why it is so hard to get anything published.

    I'm glad she never gave up

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    Because the publishing industry is unpredictable. Publishers, and agents, are taking a risk with every book they release hoping it will be as successful as they think. They have the current trends to go by, but nothing much. For instance, vampire books are hot right now, so chances are if they release an original vampire novel/series then it will sell. But, it's really anyone's guess on how well a book will do because nothing is guaranteed when it comes to buyers/readers.

    Some publishers might have thought her story wasn't good enough and some could have thought it wouldn't sell. This doesn't happen with just JK Rowling, but with most authors. Most authors will get more rejections before they get yes's; this is the nature of the business. Stephenie Meyer was rejected several times before she found an agent and publisher. She said that one of the meanest rejection letters she got came after she signed the 3-book deal with her publisher. Again, it's a guessing game, because no one can tell how popular a book will be when it's published. Obviously, one agent and publisher saw the uniqueness in Twilight while others probably thought it would never sell - it's unpredictable.

    Authors don't let the rejects deter them, because most know that they'll get far more rejections for their story than acceptance. People who have many publishers or agents who want their book are the lucky ones....

  • Because they clearly didn't think it was good enough! Perhaps they had to stick to a quota, thus deciding they are better off going with something more 'sellable'. Of course, they were wrong, however, I believe the only reason Harry Potter is as successful as it is, is because of the marketing team behind it! They saw an opportunity to make money and they took it! Harry Potter is a good book, and it would have sold well without the mass marketing, but it would never have reached such success levels without it.

    =) I'm not a Harry Potter hater, I just think it was JK Rowlings 'lucky break' and her merits were accentuated by a publisher who could see an opportunity, unlike the previous twelve. I actually very much enjoyed the HP series! =)

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    publishers have a tendency to be really really harsh on new work especially if it is from a new writer because they don't think the person has little to no experience writing and the work is absolute garbage. If a new writer wants some positive feedback they need to send their work to many people because it is almost normal to get no response with the first publisher. some classics were rejected many times before someone decided to give them half a glance and realize what a beauty they were.

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    Because a lot of bigger places don't want to take the financial risk of breaking a new authors career. You have to remember that this was before the whole magical, sci-fic thing was as popular as it is now. In the publishing world, they never know what will be the next big thing so they are cautious to who they work with. Now all of those companies are kicking themselves for not jumping at it. That is how the industry is, you have to take chances and hope they pay off in the end.

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    This is not at all uncommon. Frank Herbert's Dune had the same thing happen to it in the 1960s. Great books are great books because they take risks. For that very reason, they are not safe to publish, and publishers could lose a lot of money. Small publishing houses need to take those risks, and large ones do not.

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    Harry Potter is written amazingly!! i admire Hermione and Luna and as a substitute of having a crush on Edward or Jacob, who has a crush on Harry Potter? to blame! The plots are amazingzingzing and there is by no ability a lifeless 2nd, PLUS there is a few romance thrown in alongside the way.

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    The publishers probably thought the book would not sell and I very much doubt they thought it would become a best seller.

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    I'm pretty sure it was cuz she was a poor, unproven author, who had never published anything before, and they were concerned about her book being a flop and making them lose money because of it. (boy, I bet they're all kicking themselves now!)

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    It was probobly also seen as a children's book only. They probobly didn't expect it to be so popular amongst all ages. Maybe it wasn't taken seriously.

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