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what are some cliche hippie foods?

We are throwing a Hippie Party for Julias House because we threw a WW2 themed one in 2007 and last year we threw a 1980s punk rocker themed one so we want to do Hippie this year but we have no idea what to do for food??!!

No-one say cannabis and weed! Yep its really not funny anymore. that.. joke.

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    This is my top 5

    1. Vegetarian Fried Crunchy Okra

    2. Cous Cous cake

    3. Hash cake (I'm sorry but this isnt meant to be funny)

    4. Tofu

    5. Bean and Potatoe hash

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    Hippie Food

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    Interesting question, Im trying to remember what I ate in the late 60s early 70s.

    I guess I was a hippie, I had long hair, smoked weed, didn't like Nam.

    As I recall I ate McDonald's Big Macs,breakfast cereal and regular food.

    Nothing special, no Granola, no Tofu. I ate allot of Beef Jerky with beer

    So I don't know what to tell you..

    Source(s): Hippie from 60s/70s
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    OH I have THE best idea.

    If you have a Whole Foods near you, go there.

    It has all the food hipsters like.

    And also it depends on what kind of hippie.

    The pot head kind?

    Then I would just get stuff that people like when they have the munchies. lol

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    Soy stuff. Pretty much anything organic and healthy. Try this website:

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    Hippies dig lentils, man.

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    try like.

    vegetarian food.

    veggie burgers.

    you could do like.

    falafel, they're really good just google the recipe.

    um you could do like. tabbouleh? i think is how u spell it. which is this type of couscous salad.

    um just i don't know. a lot of indian cuisine reminds me of hippies. xD

    haha just google thatt.

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    Weren't a lot of hippies all into tofu?

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