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Characteristics of MEDCs and LEDCs !?

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MEDC - More Economically Developed Country -> Examples) UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, China, Japan etc.
-> They tend to have a better economy, providing good quality services, they also have better quality goods like food etc. They export and import a lot too. They also have lower birth rates because they have contraception more widely available and women tend to work more than have large families. MEDC's have better health care as well. Better transport, health, working conditions, salaries, jobs, sanitation etc.

LEDC - Less Economically Developed Country -> Examples) Brazil, Chile, Peru (and other parts of south America), parts of Africa, places like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh etc.
->They tend to have a worse economy than MEDC's. They also tend to have poverty as a current issue. They often have poor working conditions and salaries in work places which tend to be factories or farms. They also tend to have high birth rates because contraception isn't available for them. This encourages schemes like family planning schemes. The women tend to have jobs on farms if they live in rural areas as oppose to urban areas and they have large families. People in rural areas are more likely to die of disease because they have poor sanitation and health facilities. The health facilities are sometimes within 10 miles of a village and the people often have to walk because they don't have sufficient transport (this is a huge problem especially for pregnant women). Children also have to work as well. When they are old enough they go to urban areas to find work and send money back to their families because they don't make much money in rural areas.

Hope this helps.


Did it for Geography GCSE at school...

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  • Jake P [UK] answered 6 years ago
    An MEDC stands for a More Economically developed Country - which already tells you that these countries are more powerful, as they have more money which means they have many Tertiary industries (Services) and secondary industries (Manufacturing etc)

    Countries that are MEDCs include:
    ☛ UK
    ☛ US

    MEDCs have:
    ☑ Good infrastructures
    ☑ Good medical care
    ☑ Large economy
    ☑ Are powerful
    ☑ Export lots of high technological items (TVs,Gaming systems etc)
    → → → → → → → →

    An LEDC is a Less Economically Developed Country - Which tells you that the country lacks a good economy, which as a result often means widespread poverty, and means these countries have very little power, in comparison to powerful and modern MEDCs

    LEDCs generally have:
    ☒Bad infrastructure
    ☒Poor medical care
    ☒very large percentage of Industry is Primary (fishing,mining etc)
    ☒Poor economy
    ☒Deprived of modern amenities (Indoor flush able toilet, water facilities, electricity etc)
    ☒Poor education & housing

    i hope this helps you clarify the characteristics and differences in regard to MEDCs and LEDCs


    I have just completed a GCSE Geography course
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  • Gooner4Life answered 6 years ago
    MEDCs = more economically developed countries, e.g. USA, UK etc
    they have a stable economy
    and well basically look around you, the conditions are great

    LEDCs = less economically developed countries e.g. Zimbabwe, India etc, mainly 3rd world countries
    Look at the conditions associated with those countries and you will find your answer
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  • Orla answered 6 years ago
    MEDCs have modern, developed economies and many products/raw materials to export, they also import many goods.

    LEDCs have only few goods to export (these exports mainly being raw materials e.g. timber, bananas rather than manufactured goods e.g.TVs, drugs). Their economies are unstable and old-fashioned.
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  • Dirac answered 6 years ago
    Read your lesson notes/textbook or look it up on Wikipedia. Why don't you people actually do you work in lesson time and do your own homework rather than begging others to do it for you?
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  • Characteristics of MEDCs and LEDCs !?
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