Christians could you answer me? Is it OK to pray for the death of someone?

Because you disagree with their political stance or with their choice of career?

Because Pastor Drake quite clearly says he thinks it is...and that he thinks God will answer his prayers.
Update: Kirbi...I didn't say it...this Pastor did...more than once durng the course of this interview. I think it;s dusgusting too...that's why I asked the question...did you click the link???
Update 2: Anti-Silence: They guy seemed pretty unrepentent to fact he sounded downright gleeful in saying that Dr Tiller had died because God had heard his prayers and answered them.
Update 3: BadBeast you make me laugh, but I would like to say that all the Christians here seem to get the point....that praying for someone's death is morally AND theologically wrong.

This guy would appear to be a fringe loony....not truly representative of mainstream Christian thought on such matters.
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