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Have the BNP MEP's and Richard Barnbrook stumbled across the most effective way to make themselves......?

....appear like respectable politicians on TV. Since they came onto our screens after the elections, Ive seen them on various audience based discussion programmes and they seem to do really well, simply by not doing much at all !!! They sit there and argue their case in a dignified way whilst Various audience members and other politicians fanatically scream cliche's at them. Then whomever is hosting the programme joins in and it all looks like a conspiracy against them. They look statesmen like and their opponents look rabid, which is Im sure just what they want. Im not a supporter of these gentlemen and believe personally they are not the good guys, but they are beginning to come across that way. Has anyone else noticed they seem to win the argument by just staying calm ?

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    I must agree with you. They seem to be using sound strategy based upon letting the others dig big holes for themselves. Hats off to them, though I'm not a supporter, if that strategy works, then maybe we can all learn something here.

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    media and politicians collaborate to make the bnp look bad, it doesn't mean that the bnp actually are bad. They do not want to give a public platform to the bnp or debate with them because they know full well that all those people who think the bnp are nazis and have no policies would be very suprised and see that the bnp are in fact respectable and moving in the right direction, fighting for the right causes. Basically the people denying the bnp their rights and their voices are terrified of losing the argument and they're terrified that people will listen to the bnp , and hear the truth. I vote bnp. sure, there are things that i may not necessarily agree with, but on the whole - their policies reflect my views and concerns and i believe the changes they will make are right for the country. the party as a whole is unbelievably well organised (even though it recieves no public funding- unlike other parties), they have very solid policies which are in no way just simple fixes to big problems and if everyone just found out a bit more about the bnp instead of just accepting what they read in the papers or believing rumours they may hear - then maybe people would realise that: although the bnp isn't perfect , they are by far the best bet to save this country and eventually restore it to what it once was..VOTE BNP

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    The British people as a whole cringe when watching hysterical lefties screaming accusations at anyone, not just the BNP.

    I watched 'The Big Questions' this morning presented by Nicky Campbell.

    OMG the topic was supposed to be about free speech. The two BNP members couldn't even get answering as the audience members (the non-indigenous ones I must add) and the presenter just threw absolute childish insults and untruths without the 2 chaps having any chance to reply.

    Television, I know, likes to sensationalise their programmes for viewers.

    But the producers of this show (BBC of course) try to make out this is a serious outlet for topical debate. Oh yeah?

    I have seen less venom spewed out in Jerry Springer shows.

    BTW The BNP remained dignified throughout the programme.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes, I agree, however, I also actually believe they're the good guys.

    I watched a debate show on TV this morning, and everyone was ganging up on the two BNP guys. The woman and host grilling them done my head in, it was actually bully tactics they were employing.

    The BNP are not what the media portray them to be. I only hope people aren't stupid enough to think that the smear the media dispense is true.


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    You would think the BNP had won the elections given the number of questions devoted to them on this forum.

    Communist Rusisa killed more people under Stalin than fascist Germany did under Hitler, yet we still allow the Communist Party of Great Britain and Socialist Workers Party to exist. The BNP were elected democratically and as such they should allow to sit in the European Parliament providing they stay within the law, including laws relating to racial and religious hatred.

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    To me, it seems that they are trying to avoid the angry Nazi cliché. If you stay calm you won't come across as the violent totalitarian.

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    A very sound strategy. Let the others make themselves look foolish and who is left??? Very smart I'd say.

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    The Left simply won't talk about immigration. When the shouting stops, they look like rabbits caught in the headlights: The headlights that are on the Immigration steamroller.

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    Nick & Richard do not rise to the ignorant jibes of these people. They are smart enough to know that you can not argue with a stupid person

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    They are coming across well its true, no one seems to want to debate just shout at them, whatever you may think of them that's not effective.

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