Teaching self motivation?

My family is trying to teach my younger brother (he's about 14) to take initiative and be self-motivated (in all aspects of his life, not just in education). However, we're in uncharted waters here, and doing some research isn't helping. I've found tons of sources to teach yourself self-motivation and initiative, but not anything useful in terms of teaching others those same skills, especially at the teenage years. Any ideas? (resources and/or strategies would be greatly appreciated)

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    The Teen Eagles, in affiliation with Eagle Forum, are a group of serious-minded, Christian high school and college students who share a Biblical worldview.2

    The purpose of Teen Eagles is to develop leadership skills and abilities in order to work together as a team and standup for the Truth by actively defending their faith, families, and freedom according to the moral and traditional values found in the Bible, God's inspired word. They develop their leadership skills by being actively involved to influence their culture and their local, state, and federal governments.

    The aspects of leadership to be developed in Teen Eagle members include: the ability to lead, follow, plan, delegate, coordinate, facilitate, speak publicly, conduct orderly meetings, and develop social skills and pofessional mannerisms.

    Teen Eagles are committed to:

    -being educated and staying informed about the current social, religious, and political issues that affect America's families

    -being equipped to refute the New Age, Marxist, Humanist, and Socialist agenda in the media, government and schools

    -setting an example for future generations; their ultimate goal is to glorify God.

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