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How do the BNP explain their 'body guards' for Griffen attacking protesters ?

We read that Nick Griffens 'body guards' have assaulted protesters who objected to Mr Griffens press statement. How does the BNP explain that far from 'mob rule', peaceful demonstrators appear to have been assaulted ?

Were you there ? was the reality diferent n the ground ?

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/jun/10/bnp...

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    Does anyone really expect a balanced story from the Guardian?

    "The protesters disrupted the press conference by throwing eggs and chanting: "Off our streets, Nazi scum."" So much for freedom of speech. Why is it perfectly acceptable for the far left to voice their opinions but not the far right?

    Contrary to the text of the story, the picture does NOT show anyone being struck on the throat, it shows and airborne arm, not even touching the lady. Over exageration and confusing lies with fact must be a left wing thing.

    Your questions:

    1.Why not email Nick Griffen and ask him directly?

    2. No.

    3. See above.

  • 1 decade ago

    Peaceful demonstrators????? They were the UAF. LOL

    Should have gone to specsavers.

    Even the British press wouldn't describe the UAF as peaceful.

    The British National Party's explanation.

    Violent thugs from the Tory and Labour backed UAF organisation have shown their hatred of free speech and democracy by physically attacking a British National Party press conference outside the Houses of Parliament leading Nick Griffin to re-issue his challenge to the leader of the Tory Party to either endorse or withdraw his declared support for that group.

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    Politicians with controversial views often need bodyguards. There's no law against it. On this occasion body guards were needed as there were protesters who tried to prevent him giving a speech. Although some threw eggs, without bodyguards they might have done Mr Griffin actual harm. How much restraint the body guards can use is always questionable and under the law it depends on many things... we need to know the ins and outs before we can claim they assaulted anybody.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love the way this woman says "she still hardly talk" and then goes on to give a great long summary of what happened to her.

    That aside, this needs to stop. It appears that the protestors are happy to throw eggs and whatever else they want at an elected MEP but the minute one of them gets caught up in the scuffle, they press charges.

    I most certainly do not agree with the BNPs view I can assure you however, this is getting out of control. Can't these silly little people realise that the more they demonstrate the more air time the BNP get. We live in a democracy and have to accept that some voters have given their vote to the BNP. Sadly, the behavior of our current Government have also meant that parties which would not have ordinarily received votes have done so.

    Violence on anyone's part is not acceptable.

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  • Chaos
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    1 decade ago

    in the text it says that she was hit in the throat by the bodyguard, but look at the picture showing the "moments before" he is obviously reaching for her shoulder! if she wasn't prepared to be man handled by body guards then she shouldn't have been there protesting!

    She is quite obviously a liar, she can see that the guy is about to move her out of the way, pictures shows him about to grab her arm not her neck to make his way through, she should have been prepared, how the heck she hit her head on the ground i don't know, most people have the reflex to put their hands out to break their fall.

    Quote - "... With other political parties you can demonstrate and disagree but with the BNP this is what happens."

    Yes this is what happen with ANY party when you start throwing stuff at them! when this group started assaulting other people then they should expect this to happen!

    BTW i don't like the BNP at all, but i despise liars, and people who claim for injuries that they don't have/faked

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    That women must have been a bit thick - when seeing all the trouble in front of her carrys on walking straight through it - even a bloke would'nt have done that.

    If people see the news clip - they will see the body guards sweeping people away with there arms the same people who were 'attacking the BNP' - what were the body guards supposed to do - they came under attack and had every right to defend themselves - no punches were thrown and nobody was hurt - until the TV crews arrived - then it seemed everyone was hurt - the media reporting was 'so biased against the BNP -after the attack - it was sickening to listen to - so one sideded - and trying to make out the attackers were right in what they did. The press complaints committe needs to look into the way all this was reported.

    People should understand everybody has a right to there opinion and how this country is run including the BNP - all those protesters did was to make 'themselves look like the Hitler mobs' of 1939 - and they have the 'cheek' to accuse the BNP of the same actions they all took.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So jumping on the backs of the press and throwing eggs at people is a peaceful demonstration? I suggest you check into an insane asylum for your anti social behavior before you murder someone for accidentally bumping into you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    she is a liar, your full of ****

    I hate the BNP but I hate political lies even more

    congrats on giving the BNP more ammunition

    your questions and those like you along with the actions of these morons who claim to be peacefully protesting while assulating bnp members jsut give justification and credibility to the animals that are the BNP

    I hate the BNP but untruths like this make you no diffrent and just harm the fight agains nazism and fascism

    end of lecture from a democrat who hates bnp

  • 1 decade ago

    I just cant stand liars....and that is just what she is.....I read what she said...she said she was late but being the stupid person she is walked into the body guard who just put is hands out ..and he obviously the size of him possibly knocked her down.....another excuse for wanting to claim compensation.....well should we say she should,nt have been there ...it,s obvious she wanted to cause trouble.......

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I will not defend the bunch of thugs that call themselves the BNP, In addition will not defend thugs that throw eggs and other missiles at them.

    If we cannot beat these bastards by argument we deserve all we get.

    The truth is that the BNP increases it's support because all the major parties ignore the concerns of the huge majority of people in this country.

    We don't want multiculturalism, we want one country united.

    We don't want the EU to rule over us, we want a country that governs itself.

    We don't want to be spied on at every corner, we don't want ID cards.

    We don't want our jobs taken over by cheaper labour from abroad.

    We don't want our energy supplies and transmission owned by foreign companies.

    We don't want our manufacturing and wealth creating industries destroyed.

    We don't want our country filled to the brim with ugly useless wind turbines.

    We don't want to waste our taxes on idle skivers.

    We don't want crooks being given soft options by the justice system.

    We don't want a human rights act that fails to protect the innocent and favours the evil ones.

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