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Will Jamarcus Russell act like Vince Young and request a trade when Jeff Garcia takes the starting QB job?

Garcia apparently gets what he wants.


Sh!t pal J Russ is no better than Daviod Carr at this point. Get you facts together or get off the board.

Update 2:

Um Ken Dorsey was cut in March pal. I swear you people talk smack and don't know jack

Update 3:

It's customary for me to tell you to blow me for being a smartass

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    JaMarcus won't lose the starting job, anyone that knows anything about football knows that you don't take a QB (or any player for that matter) with the #1 pick, pay him a huge contract, and then bench him, especially in only what is really his second season. (His first season was essentially lost due to contract disputes.) Besides, QB's are often known to progress in their third year, it would be a foolish notion to suggest the raiders would hinder his development to start a QB that only has maybe 1-2 years of football left in him.

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    Assuming you're taking the QB to be a fulltime starter, I'd go with Russell. If I just had to have one on my roster, I'd take Young, and rotate him in as a wildcat weapon. Russell has shown at least some glimmer of hope to become a productive QB. Although his stats aren't good, they aren't dreadful either. In his first year starting, he had stats better than Eli Manning's rookie season on a much worse team. The bright spot that's standing out to me with Russell is that he has a low INT%. Vince Young was/is a turnover machine. He never was as good as people said he was - his career QB rating is a 68, and he throws interceptions at an alarming rate, which, combined with his fumbles makes him a downright liability. When Young was removed from the starting position, the Titans got better with Kerry Collins at the helm. Do you think Kerry Collins would be an upgrade over Russell? Being as Collins had eerily similar stats to Russell last year, and was on a much, much better football team, I don't think so. If Russell had a little more time in the pocket, and better receivers, I think he could be a productive QB. I haven't given up hope on him quite yet. As far as Young goes.... he's struggling to be a 2nd string QB these days. I don't think he's going to recover any time soon. Bryan - Vince Young can use his mind? Are you talking about the same Vince Young that I am? The guy who has a 68 career rating and throws interceptions at a 4% rate?

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    J Russ aint no willie lunchmeat chump like Vince Young, JRuss is a Raider and will stay a Raider and you can take that to the bank. The clock is ticking though for JRuss to start performing up to the expectations of a first round pick he is getting paid alot of money after all. If he dont come through this year then its hard telling what will happen. As far as Garcia goes, I beleive if Russell aint living up to expectations, bring in Garcia and maybe that might light a fire under Russells ***

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    Even though I don't think that Russel is that good I doubt Garcia will take the starting position. He is 39 and there is a reason that he is not in Tampa any more. Even if he does take the starting position and Russel asks for a trade the Raiders will probably look at the long term outcome and trade Garcia because he mabee has a year left and Russel has his whole Carreer ahead of him.

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    No, because I think Russell would be just as content getting his paycheck playing as he would riding the bench. Just from articles that I have read and from what I have seen, the commitment to football just isn't there and is half-hearted at best. Whereas Young is a head case who thinks that he is a great quarterback simply because he led his team to the playoffs.

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    No, cause what has jamarcus proven yet? At least young has made a pro bowl. Jamarcus is a ? right now. Plus, who'd want Russel right now anyway. btw, nice link!!!

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    Is it customary in Cleveland to ask for an opinion and then respond to their opinion like a wart? Must be the Lake Erie water you drink.

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    Dude can you lay off Jamarcus Russell?You act like yours browns are something special!From top to bottom the Browns are terrible.(That goes for you fans also)

    I'm not a fan of the Raiders fyi.

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    i think Jamarcus Russell will sit back and learn.. i think he's smarter than that.. unless he just absolutely wants out of Oakland, and i wouldn't blame him.. Vince Young is a crybaby..

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    I don't like Joe buck.....but......nice link

    Anyway, J Russ is better than Brady Quinn.

    Brady Quinn has been nothing in the NFL.

    Chris Wienke>Brady Quinn

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