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Why do American's demand skilled surgeons with years of experience and schooling...?

Why do American's demand skilled surgeons with years of experience and schooling when they need a surgery performed on them to save their life....but they elect an incompetent, inexperienced "leader" like Obama to save their nation?

Pathetic, America. Pathetic.

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    We were duped. And by the time it's all over with, all we'll have left is pocket 'change' and hope that things will get better one day.

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    You've got that right Roxxx. The Canadians come down here to get treated because socialized medicine doesn't work. Doing it in a country of our population will literally kill many of us. Where will we go.....Mexico? I think not. Not to mention that so many of them are here using ours for nothing. That's one of the biggest problems with the affordability of decent health care. We have way too many people that use our system the wrong way. If we weren't supporting people that shouldn't be here, we'd have more money to help those who do belong here. BTW, Joe the plumber doesn't claim to be a doctor. When Obama thought he'd go out and talk to the "people" he had no idea he'd get the confrontation he did. Guess he should have had his advisors pre screen them. And the Leader of the Free World should have some experience whether they have advisors or not. If some of you don't know this, our President barely voted for any issues. His vote was "Present". Why bother being there if you can't make a stand on an issue.

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    So you wanted us to pick an old surgeon who was going to die in the middle of doing the procedure and then to trust ourselves to his hand-picked protege that just barely graduated from a small below average medical school

    Given that choice Obama was the only logical option

    Obama may be inexperienced But at least the man is worldly

    Palin on the other hand is a complete hick from a state that has one fourth the number of people living in it as Brooklyn NY does

    Brooklyn >Kings County NY Population

    2,539 ,306

    Alaska Population. 626 ,932

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    To be fair, most Americans were fooled into believing this man WAS skilled and experienced. Too bad not enough of us actually took the time to do a little research on the guy...

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    It's like putting a rookie QB in at the start of the Super Bowl - pointless and scary to watch.

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    Very good point... only instead of one life being on the line we have over 300 MILLION lives that need an experienced, humble leader.

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    Pathetic is posting recycled rants. Truly lame. Just because the Right are sore losers doesn't make their fake anti Obama rants anymore credible.

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    Doctors didn't vote for Obama.....They knew what was coming if he got elected

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    Oh yeah the last guy in office that supposedly had experience did a great job didn't he ?

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    Totally agree.

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