Tall buildings in USA but not UK?? :S?

so I have been wondering lately, home come there are so many tall buildings and skyscrapers in the USA in cities like New york, Atlanta, detroit, las vegas etc. but in the uk there are only a handful of tall buildings.

its a bit confusing because in the UK the population is growing rapidly and there is more need for tall buildings for accomodation etc but in the US, which is way bigger than the UK there are loads and loads of buildings.

is this because of the economy or because or historical and cultural reasons that the UK does not develop such tall buildings or is it because they just cannot be bothered ??

im really confused.. please help :)

p.s I live in the UK

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    Well look at Leeds. It's putting up a new skyscraper on a yearly basis and has a new york-esque skyline. However, most cities in the UK don't do it because the metropolitan population is too low, the UK is centralised so most big business is in the city of london, where corporations who can afford to build skyscrapers tend to build them.

    Also, councils may sometimes have to put money towards them and only London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow can afford to do that.

    Also companies have to look at how attractive a city is and how much money it can make in a place over the years. It looks that over the next 20 years there will be growth of skyscrapers in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle because they are the most economically viable cities for the future.

    Also because some cities are small in the UK (most are actually), a company wouldn't waste money on building a skyscraper somewhere like stoke when they could just build a cheap warehouse outside the urban area with cheaper land prices and make the same money, if not more (depending on where it is in relation to maybe a motorway).

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    Also building a large building requires a substantial amount of space within a downtown city area. A lot of your cities are historic and you don't want to just go around plowing down any old building to put up a giant skyscraper.

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    properly, i will purely remark on Glasgow (my domicile city). They initially had an ordinance proscribing the top of homes because of the fact of fire regulations. The council additionally argued that very tall homes may be out of conserving with Glasgow's classic shape which purely went as much as approximately 8 thoughts or so. this is all slightly strange on account that they equipped dozens of 20+ storey eyesores for the duration of the Sixties. besides, those regulations now seem to have been quietly dropped. the same old top of homes is slowly turning out to be and there are numerous 30 or 40 storey homes decrease than layout or shape interior the city centre.

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    It's because of our soil. We are only just really beginning to learn how to build really tall and heavy buildings on soil that can gobble them up. We have very soft soil compared to USA. They can build to their hearts content without the risk of having it sink into the ground.

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    I dunno

    It could be because i am not making them

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