Is the LG enV touch for Verizon a good phone?

I'm interested in ditching my T-Mobile G1 for Verizon (which I heard has excellent service everywhere) and I've got my eye on the LG enV touch. I was just wondering, how is the AIM on the phone, and is it generally a good phone? If you've had any experience with the G1, would you leave the G1 for it?

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    I have the LG enV Touch. It is an amazing device! I highly recommend it. The instant messaging utility incorporates AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! Messengers all in one application. It is, however, the same application as used on previous handsets, but it is efficient and clean-cut nonetheless. The touch screen on this device is AMAZING! It is super responsive and accurate. You can customize your home screen with drag-n-drop icons which are shortcuts to different applications within the phone. Also, you can have Calendar, Clock, and Memo widgets occupying your home screen all at the same time as well! The QWERTY keyboard is phenomenal and convenient, and the internal 3" screen is gorgeous! The buttons on the keyboard are nicely spaced and relatively large and are very easy to reach and press. The dedicated Favorites and Messaging key make communicating a breeze with this high end phone. The full HTML web browser is also a plus for anyone coming to this phone from either a Smart Phone, such as the G1 or a regular phone as well. The phone is sleek and will make all of your friends enVious of you. :) I hope this helps in your decision. As you can tell, I love my enV Touch. I came from the original enV phone and I couldn't be happier! :)

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    I've played with both, and am buying the touch tomorrow. [Current owner of the **** env2]

    Basically the G1 is an amazing phone, and it is what i would have if i was with T-Mobile. Now, T-Mobile has the worst network i think. I would switch to Verizon if they only had old modals, because a cool phone is not that good without a good network.

    AIM on all the touch is very nice. Its like a computers, without the little toolbar at the bottom. +++ The service is good. lol

    The Touch, In My Opinion, is verizons best phone. It is too new to tell, but i am stunned. The thing some people don't realize is it is not an env update, as much as a voyager update. It was named env Touch because the env name is well known, and the phone has really good messaging capabilities. It also has an AMAZINGGG camera...

    The only problem i have encountered is the touch screen scrolling. It is kind of hard to do with txt messaging inbox..

    So i would ditch it on network only..

    But yeah.

    Aim is good, its an amazing phone, and i would leave the G1 for it.

    **By played with I meant that one of my close friends has a G1 and i use her phone alot, cuz my battery dies fast. Damn the env 2!!!!!!!!

    **My sister has the touch so yahh. Im getting one too...

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    If you just "found" it, like on the street, it is probably on Verizon's Lost and Stolen list.That means the phone's internal ID number is linked to this list, and can't be used unless the reg. owner removes it. If you try to use it it will route your call to customer service and they will have your information like your location. So turn in it. If you found it on ebay or somewhere else and want to legit. buy one, I am a Verizon employee and own this phone. They came out this year '09 and are one of the best all around phones. The price depends on if there is a sale, if you are signing a one or two year contract, or if you are just selling it on the street. It won't be worth a lot if its lost of stolen because the new owner won't be able to activate it.

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    I had experience on the T-Mobile G1 and it isn't that bad but i would choose lg env touch because its way better smaller but still big.I now have the lg env touch and it is really awesome!My opinion is that you should go for it!! Also if i were you this wouldn't even be a question!

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  • i dont know about the g1 or tmoblie. but i have the env touch, love it. i text like crazy, and its really good for that, the screen is awesome the camera actually surprised me with the quality. you can also use regular head phones in it, which is pretty cool if you listen to music on your phone,

    I've had verizon for almost 3 years havent had a problem with the service same with the rest of my family. when ever my phones in the past have had problems i called them up and they got me a new one. ive never had a dropped a call. i think they have a good selection planwise. and i really the customer service

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    I have the G1 right now and Env2. I would not ditch my G1 at all to tell you the truth. I find it out beats other phones and has all the features I need/want. Env touch has got some positive reviews and people are saying it a good phone. I would not switch my G1 for a Env Touch. However....if you really want the Env touch and don't want to give it up yo could buy the touch. Just use two phones.

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    omg your need to get the en touch it is amazing aim is great everything on it is is the best trust me i reccomend this phone

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    I have the Env2.


    Ive3 had 7 in less than a year.

    They tear up easil.

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