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How to explain african art?


For my art homework i have to describe african art. Like why its interesting, the use of colour and why i like it and stuff. Any suggestions cause im really stuck!? :S Thankss.

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    You could describe African arts cultural context and use.

    Or you could look at the formal aesthetic aspects of the objects or the moral and religious ideas they express.

    African art generally has a moral basis, as indicated by the fact that in many African languages the same word means "beautiful" and "good." It is consistent with the use and meaning of African art that it should be both beautiful and good, because it is intended not only to please the eye but to uphold moral values. The ethical and religious basis of African art may explain why the principal subject is the human figure; African art often appears in ritual contexts that deal with the vital moral and spiritual concerns of the human condition.

    Four aspects of African Art:

    1. Emphasis on the human figure.

    2. Visual abstraction: African artworks tend to favor visual abstraction over naturalistic representation.

    3. Emphasis on performance art: An extension of the utilitarianism and three-dimensionality of traditional African art is the fact that much of it is crafted for use in performance contexts, rather than in static ones. For example, masks and costumes very often are used in communal, ceremonial contexts, where they are "danced." Most societies in Africa have names for their masks, but this single name incorporates not only the sculpture, but also the meanings of the mask, the dance associated with it, and the spirits that reside within. In African thought, the three cannot be differentiated.

    4. Nonlinear scaling: Often a small part of an African design will look similar to a larger part. This has been described in terms of "fractal geometry".

    Source(s): I have over 70 african art sculptures and masks in my house.
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    hi, i stay in south africa, and that i'd say that African paintings (zulu's, Ndebele's, Sotho's - it is the call of the bush-people who did and does the african paintings interior the caves etc) has no longer replaced that lots, what makes it a treasure is that there have been in simple terms some unique drawings latest in caves - it is seen historic and it being secure, there are a number of fake ones besides. contained on the subject of the fashionable paintings i'd say it has replaced lots - for the extra effective, bare in strategies that all the african paintings are frequently precis and intensely superb now days...the african all of us is extra knowledgeable consequently can do extra and or what they aspire to are able to mail me for documents...

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