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Why do American's demand skilled surgeons with years of experience and schooling...?

Why do American's demand skilled surgeons with years of experience and schooling when they need a surgery performed on them to save their life....but they elect an incompetent, inexperienced "leader" like Obama to save their nation?

Pathetic, America. Pathetic.

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    It's our constitution. When we can't find Americans willing to put in the dedication and work need to become a skilled surgeon, and people willing to work in general. we can go out of the country to get them. Can't do that for the Presidency.

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    You've got that right Roxxx. The Canadians come down here to get treated because socialized medicine doesn't work. Doing it in a country of our population will literally kill many of us. Where will we go.....Mexico? I think not. Not to mention that so many of them are here using ours for nothing. That's one of the biggest problems with the affordability of decent health care. We have way too many people that use our system the wrong way. If we weren't supporting people that shouldn't be here, we'd have more money to help those who do belong here. BTW, Joe the plumber doesn't claim to be a doctor. When Obama thought he'd go out and talk to the "people" he had no idea he'd get the confrontation he did. Guess he should have had his advisors pre screen them. And the Leader of the Free World should have some experience whether they have advisors or not. If some of you don't know this, our President barely voted for any issues. His vote was "Present". Why bother being there if you can't make a stand on an issue.

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    Oh so now Obama's incompetent huh? Well guess we elected another President who the rest of the world see's as incapable...


    Far greater than Bush...

    And Americans dont care what the rest of the world thinks of our leader...we're happy with Obama as our President and the rest of the world will see...just watch...he'll help all of you too

    and yes the constitution was written so basically anyone could run for President because hello...we are a government "of the people, for the people, by the people"


  • Orla C
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    4 years ago

    How is he incompetent?

    Such a pity you can operate on someone's eyes and indeed perform operations to improve their whole body generally, but you still can't improve on their intelligence.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, the guy who's biggest accomplishment was getting shot down over enemy territory and captured, and his running mate, Miss Teen S. Carolina would have been a better choice.

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    The job requirements to be president are written in the Constitution. They made it so pretty much anyone could be president.

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    At least in theory, it may be an improvement over electing someone who is up in years and hasn't had an original thought in decades.

  • Gary P
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    1 decade ago

    We are a consumer driven society. The media "sold" us Obama, and we bought it . Unfortunately, we can't return it. But I hope that in 2010 we get rid of any Repub or Dem that has supported socialism. We can turn some of this back if their is a strong grass roots movement to throw out the congressman/women and senators who have only their interests in mind, and not the countries.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He offered them a free ride. Lied his *** off. told the sheeple what he

    was going to do. Not what he would do. So they like vegatables voted

    for the Man who promised all something.

  • Gwen
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    1 decade ago

    I couldn't agree more. I'm not proud of our current leaders, or how Obama is speaking to the world on my behalf as a voting citizen.

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