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How to you grind propperly?

Im going to my friends 16th birhtday which is 'pimps and ho's' themed party, and i was wondering how to grind, ive done it once but I cant really remeber what to do,

please help

btw; im a girl

thanks :)


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    Ok so it's really fricken easy. His hands on your thighs yours at you side or around his neck ( ur back to his front) I sugest moving to some face to face once and awhile to . Just move to the music and do a sortof wave move with ur whole body. Grind ur but up against his crotch lol. It's really simple . If you have done it before you will remember in no time. Oh and be careful with any "special moves" wait till your good at it or bad things can happen haha.

    Hope this helped ;]

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    its nothing anyone can teach you....grindin is not like a uniformed or technique dance....either you have da natural flow and rythm or u dont...i think ur thinkin about it too much cuz once u start dancin ur body will naturally go to da rythm of da music and will go along with the rythm of da guy dancin behind i said either u can do it or u cant grindin is nuttin u can teach

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    the whole point of grinding is basically just to arouse the guy...its like giving him a HJ with your butt. gross.

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