Writing to describe a journey plane,bus or car? What did you do how much time sepnd describing the Journey?

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OKay so firstly i did journey by bus and described loads of stuff am i the only one who did a bus most ppl i spoke to did plane or train i thought it would be limited because all you ...show more
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  • Tessa answered 5 years ago
I found doing a car journey alright as i set it from a child's point of view and there were other people in the car. Not that i used them much. I mentioned the mother and father and wrote a paragraph on the older sister as it set the scene well. i described the scenery most, but i also used the repetition of field and dull atmosphere to show how boring the journey was. i also used a sighting of friends to show that the boy really did not want to be in the car.
I have never been on a plane so i could not really do that and i have frequently made long car journeys and i thought that i could put my own experiences into the writing even if the family were completely different to mine.

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Best answer again Tessa your in luck 20pts in less than 2mins lol.

Gd luck
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  • Chaz answered 5 years ago
    I wrote about a train journey.

    I think I did OK - I wrote as if I was a jew on the train to a concentration camp.

    Good luck!
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  • _ answered 5 years ago
    i did a bus journey too (spend half my life on them! lol) and it went awful. I didnt really describe the scenery at all... more about the interior and the people getting on or off.. though i didnt write that much overall...you know i definatly failed
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  • muffin.socks answered 5 years ago
    I HATED that exam =[
    I did bus journey and I mostly described the scenery
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