I need help devising a strategy for Magic: The Gathering?

I control a rather sneakily devised Esper deck- Black, blue and white artifacts. I have a friend who claims that Naya, the deck she plays with, was made to beat my deck. I don´t really believe her, but she seems to be able to beat me a lot more than I can defeat her.

What I need are some strategies. That´s why I´m here. Little help, please?

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    Like the previous anwswer, Evacuation works well. Path to Exile is in white, it works on single creatures. Oblivion Ring is another white card that gets rid of problems you can target. White is also the color of fog. Holy Day and Pollen Lullaby will keep their creatures from damaging and possibly they won't untap. That gives you turns to plow in unless they hold back the right blockers. So recap: Blue for unsummon, evacuation, cancel, countersquall (blue/black), white for path to exile, oblivion ring, wrath of god (yep, it's rare, but effective), and black for terror, bone splinters. You can't use them all or you won't have any type of offense, but I would definitely use Path, Unsummon, cancel and countersquall as they are cheap and get the job done.

    Good Luck

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    This looks pretty good for a random collection of cards. The first thing you should know is that Morphling is one of the best cards in the game. Back in the day when Morphling was legal in T2, pretty much everyone played a monoblue deck with tons of counterspells, and just 4 Morphling as the win condition. That's how good it is. Anyway, I'd also suggest that you replace the Council of the Soratamis with Mulldrifter (Mulldrifter is a common from Lorwyn, so it shouldn't be hard to get). Mulldrifter is strictly better then Council, since it can be Evoked for the same effect as the Council as well as be played for 5 mana to get a 2/2 flyer and 2 cards. Other then that, I can't really say I have any suggestions. Obviously from this deck your cardpool is limited, so I don't want to suggest you do things like get 3 more Ancestral Vision (a very good card, by the way). However, remember to keep your deck this same number of cards. Put in 24 Island, and you'll have the ideal landbase for this deck, as well as the perfect 60 cards.

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    Well, Naya is a bunch of beatsticks that just won't stop coming. Yearling, Thoctar...Zoo is a great deck. What you need is either more aggro, or more control. And being that it'll be hard to out-aggro Zoo, more control it is.

    Creature removal is key to keeping the game in check. If they can crap out fatties faster than you can get rid of them, then you're done. In type 2 [standard], the best spot removal is Path to Exile. Which, you're lucky, is white.

    I also mentioned in your other question that you should use Unsummon as a one-of. I say that simply because it's a geeat situational saver, but it's a not going to win you games. For example, you mentioned having trouble with guys with +1/+1 counters on them. If you send that creature back to their hand, they lose all the +1/+1 counters on them. It's an instant, too, for one blue. So thety could come at you with three big guys. Path to Exile a big one, Unsummon the one with counters, and let 2 or 3 through. Whatever. Chump block it if you want to.

    Point is, you just minimized your damage at the low low cost of 2 mana, On THEIR turn. Now they're like, dammit, go. And you're like, hell yeah, draw. And now it's your turn and you have more options while they're open.

    It's all about the control cards. Counters work wonders as well, obviously.

    Hope this helps a little. =]

    Source(s): Avid MTG tournement player, buddy has a Zoo and I used to run Esper-facts
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