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netgear router port 53?

Nat xbox 360 netgear port 53 networking?

K i think i might have an issue , i need 2 have ports open for my xbox but when i try 2 get 53 open i get this message saying service port number was defined by another service, how can i fix this

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    Port 53 is DNS period, You can't use it for anything other than the DNS service. You do not need to "Open IT' for xbox. The router will pass dns information without any changes in nearly ALL cases.

    See the following article.

    (Basically, you don't need to portforward port 53 it is "OPEN" and it just has to be working at the router level.)

    When you set the DNS information on the Xbox to the correct IPs it will work.

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    See if this helps

    Its a free download and really works. Even I could do it?

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