I've got an interview with Thomas Cook for an apprentice, what questions do they ask?

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Have you had an interview with them at all if you did I need some advice on what they do ask, and what I am ask to do, how long does it last, etc?
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Common questions asked at job interviews :-

Why do you want the job (DON'T say because I need the money !)
What qualities/skills will you bring to the post ?
How would you deal with a difficult customer ?
What hours are you willing to work ?
Are you a leader or a follower ?
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  • gazzamazza answered 5 years ago
    i worked for them 5 months ago, but had to leave, moved house. cant remember all q's but one question was... and these were standard questions asked by all thomas cooks

    Whats better about thomas coo compared to other holiday makers i. virgin and then whats not as good
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