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Salt water flush ........?

do you loose weight with the salt water flush , if so how much & how many times do you have to do it in order to loose lbs ??

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    Hi Ive done a few of these and I would recommend not to try them...any weight you will lose is temporary and you will just put it on again. Its one of the most disgusting things Ive ever put in my mouth, even thinking of it now is making me feel ill, the craps you get once you drink it are so painful, and will basically have explosive diarrhoea for half a day....

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    The salt water flush is to assist a detox. I.E. if someone was eating extremely unhealthy and wanted to start eating healthy they would do something to detox and flush their system and rid it of all the crap they put into it to get a fresh start. This usually goes with something like the master clense. The flush itself will just clean your colin so you may just loose poo weight. You will be peeing out of your butthole! On the master cleanse you can loose about 12 lbs in 10 days but you are not eating! You will gain 6 lbs back in the first 2 days of eating again because your body went into starvation mode and is saving everything. If you want to loose weight by dieting. Try a protein shake in the morning a high protrin meal at lunch then a shake for supper

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    There has never been any medical proof to that diet, that one can loose weight by flushing there bodies with salt water.

    In fact you may be prohibiting your body from loosing more weight by consuming the salt. As salt will act to help your body to retain extra fluid (weight) water weight. If you are on any diet, you should be drinking plenty of Fresh water daily and not salt water.

    The secret to any good diet contains two things, A well balanced diet, although it can be calorie restricted and a great exercises plan to go with it.

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    What on earth is the salt water flush. I have never heard of it. If it is something you drink then to me this is dangerous as salt is very very unhealthy and should not be taken in large doses, even, not at all.

    Why don't you join slimming world, you can eat very large quantities of food and still have a drink and eat chocolate, and the beauty of this method is that because you can eat all you want, you don't want to.

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    I've never heard that before... Try washing your face every day and night and getting some benzoyl peroxide over-the-counter medicine. ZIT ZAP works really well for me, but I know Neutrogena and Clean & Clear both have one too! Make sure it has 10% of the active ingredient.

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    Oh my god.

    Why can't you exercise and eat properly? It's your body, look after it.

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    What a ridiculous question..just exercise and eat healthy...!

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