Isn't it amazing that The Beatles have sold the second most albums this decade than anyone else?

Over 27 million albums!
Only Eminem has sold more, 31 million.

It's obvious that a lot of people still love The Beatles!
Who do you think is buying all these Beatle albums?

Here's the top 20 list of album sellers this decade so far:
Update: Edit: Deathcube, I was wondering if everyone thinks that just new fans were buying them or older fans were replacing their original copies or both.
Update 2: Edit: Amnesiac, I was wondering if it was global too.
Update 3: Edit; Nathan, You're obviously in the minority.
Update 4: Edit: Jamal, That's a great point to consider!
Update 5: Edit: Cookie Cutter, Thanks for clarifying!
Update 6: Edit: Cookie Cutter, What, there's an album out of #2' hits! I didn't know that, thanks.
Update 7: Thanks for the update Cookie Cutter. I was wondering why I hadn't heard that!
Update 8: Edit; FloydManiac, I only bought one since 2000!
Update 9: Edit; Hey Will, I think The Beatles Rock Band comes out this summer so that will probably add millions more to their sales too, good point.
Update 10: Edit; Beatle1909, That is a depressing thought, isn't it!
Update 11: Edit; LittleMeg, I know, Why & Who?
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