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Teaching 8/9 year olds french, need ideas?

In our school i'm doing this thing where i go to a primary school and teach some children in year 4 french. I'm supposed to be teaching them words to do with the weather and sport, and i want to make the lesson fun. Could you think of any games i could do with them, that would also help them learn the words easily?


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    Flash Cards!

    With Pictures And Words

    Then One With Just The Pictures

    And Ask Them If They Can Remember Which Word Goes With It And Visa Versa!

    Sweets/Biscuits For Everyone Who Did Good =] x

    Check For Children's Allergies First Though!!

    Have Fun =] x

    Source(s): Nurse =] x
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    As a school child myself its important for the younger children to have fun whilst learning. For the weather games perhaps clear your room, tables and chairs to the sides.. And mix it with drama, make them learn the basic words first.. Then ask them to do a small role play about the weather but tell them they have to include the words. With something like this, Year 4's will love to be up infront of the class and having a laugh. Sorry if this hasnt helped, But i hope it has.

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    When I was younger I used to hate French but when my Teacher taught us some French songs I loved it and I still remember them now.

    Hope this helped.

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    The way I learnt french was my teacher asking us to keep repeating the words or sentences in a big group, a bit like you do these days with the times tables. I never forgot it and it stuck in my mind. You could try this and make it fun.

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    My french teacher does this thing when we have to learn words. Its like wink murder. You have a list of words on the board eg:




    (or whatever you have to learn)

    Then you choose someone to be the 'detective'

    And someone to be the 'murderer'

    Then you get the whole class to chant the first word.. "Manger Manger Manger'' until the murderer does the signal and you move to the next word..''Rester Rester Rester'' etc..

    The the detective has to guess who the murderer is and they get 3 goes :)

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    you can make pictures of weather and sports and use them as flashcards. You can also make up a game, I guess. I can't think of one. lol. I'm not sure if you can actully bring toys to the school, otherwise you can use them.

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    1 decade ago

    objects (eg. tennis balls)


    dressing up


    not much writing, boring and attention wanders

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