is honey oil/hash oil a narcotic drug in pima county?

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    I've never heard of a county having its own drug laws, although it's possible. However, Pima County is governed by the laws of Arizona and the USA. Both US and Arizona law do not include hash oil in the definition of "narcotic drugs" (not that this means it's legal).

    According to AZ law (, "cannabis" includes hash oil (as a "preparation of" the "resin" of the plant). "Narcotic drugs" are also defined, and do not include cannabis/hash oil.

    It gets a little confusing though. Penalties for "narcotic drugs" are

    laid out here:

    Penalties for "marijuana" are laid out here:

    However, note that in 13.3401, hash oil falls under the definition of "cannabis", but not under that for "marijuana" (which is defined "all parts of any plant of the genus cannabis, from which the resin has not been extracted"; as hash oil is extracted resin, it would not be considered "marijuana" although it does meet the definition of "cannabis")

    I am not a lawyer, and emphatically DO NOT recommend that you try this as a legal defense, but based on what I'm finding, hash oil is not a "narcotic drug", nor is it "marijuana". It is "cannabis", but legal penalties are only defined for "marijuana", not for "cannabis". Although there appears to be a legal loophole, I do not think you will successfully be able to use it to avoid legal penalties. It is also possible that there are penalties defined for "cannabis" that I couldn't find. If you want to search further, check here:

    Also keep in mind that US law applies as well. Definitions of "marihuana" and "narcotic drug" are found here: (paragraphs 16 and 17)

    Under US law, hash oil is considered "marihuana", but is not a "narcotic drug".

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    Ahhh, old man Dupnik's little tirade is making a lot more sense now. Gotta create a diversion. This is starting to look like the Dugard case in California, where negligent cops looked the other way when the convict holding the poor girl hostage and raping her at will told them all was good. At least no one died there.

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