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is starting ballet at 15 too late?

i wanted to start ballet but my mom told me that i might as well not because i am too old to do anything with it and learn it because most people start at a young age and do it all there life.

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    If you want to become a professional ballerina, you are probably too late. Although, you can still take classes. At my studio they have classes like "beginning ballet" for 4 year olds, and "beginning teen ballet" for girls who want to take up a hobby. this is a pretty common thing, so you are most likely not to old as long as you are ok with being in class with girls generally one or two years younger than yourself. ballet takes hard work and dedication, though, so be sure you actually want to take classes, you can't just "quit" mid-year because you "don't like it". i would suggest taking a summer class first to see if you really do like it (:

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    Its never to late to do anything! Don't let anyone, not even your mom stop you from reaching your dreams. besides, age in most cases,age, doesn't mean anything. it's just a number.

    SO you are 15. You are old enough to understand that a number isn't going to stop you from doing what you want to do. Good luck and I wish you the best!

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    Sure you can become good, but contrary to what some of the other posters have said, you've about a zero chance of becoming good enough to become a professional ballerina (if that was your goal). Remember, that you get out of something as much as you put in....have some fun and Good Luck

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    You're not too old to have it as a healthy, fun hobby. It may not turn into your life's passion but thats no reason not to.

    If you find its what you really want to do then try try try and I wish you all the luck.

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    i dont think its too late. if its one of your intrest then you should go and take dance lessons dont let anything stop you. just be sure to pick the right dance school. i know so many dancers that started later then fifteen and they are amazing. so go ahead and try it.

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  • Anonymous
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    -to become a professional: sadly, yes. its probably too late to become a professional ballerina

    -to become really good and develop a new hobby: sure, its never too late

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    its never too late.

    15 is still pretty young anyways

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    its never to late

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    You are older, but go for it!

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