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Ramadan: Have you ever converted, or almost converted a non-Muslim to Islam!?


@Troubled: Infact yeah I have!

One of my non-Muslim friends asked me a whole bunch of questions about Islam, & she kept asking me, and then when I'd ask her if she's interested in Islam, she said that she's just curious..A couple weeks later she calls me up telling me she wants to become Muslim!! So she comes over the next day, and says the Shahada infront of me!! That was awesomely cool!! So now she's my Muslim friend, Alhumdulillah! :)

Update 2:

@Blue Eyed: Wow, thats cooool!

Update 3:

BTW- Do any of you know the user, "Its A Miracle!!"? Cause he/she emailed me, and asked me if I remembered her/him, but I really dont! Then I replied back, but she hasnt yet..

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Update 5:

@Bobby: LOL, Yeah it's pretty self explanatory..Im leaving in a month, school starts so I'll be busy..I dunno..maybe a couple times a week??

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    we can only invite people towards islaam by daawah, to convert them to islaam, this is the work of allaah because guidance comes from allaah alone and he guide whom he pleases. some years ago, i talked about islam to a polytheist and encouraged him to convert, he converted (according to me,because allaah knows best if he really converted or was he just a pretender),am saying this because he read the kalimah, but i do not really knew what was in his heart, some people read the kalimah just to pretend as converting to islam.

    a person can perform the five daily prayers but it is possible that he is a munaafiq. so allaah knows best who are those people who have really converted to islam.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ummm well 3 people i know have converted in the last 2 months. They converted but arent't really acting Islamically. It was only for their boyfriends. They keep coming to talk to me about it since they know i went thrugh changes too but i honestly dont think they are being serious with the kinda things they are still doing every single day. Only Allah (swt) knows.

    However, I have one friend who is looking into it and is seriously considering. She has already changed alot of her ways! Inshallah Allah (swt) will guide her to the right path.

    thats about it.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yea almost well maybe it was mostly my fault because the woman actually had an interest.

    was in the airport waitin for flight me n my mum were prayin cuz it was duhr or somin. then afterwards when i went n sat down a woman beside me was like "that was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen someone do". She started asking questions and stuff. but then we went our seperate ways on our flight well u neva knw maybe she has converted by now.

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  • Umar
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I explain a lot of things, and clear up a lot of things, but when u go to a catholic school nobody wants to hear that stuff. They'd rather hear the teacher preach a religion that can't even explain things clearly. I try though.

    What do u mean you'll be gone after one month? Gone completely, or just get on less? Don't leave completely!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have had helped a few of people become Muslim and a few that just where not ready to become Muslim. The 2 that became Muslim I didn't get to listen to the one shahada she was Christian, the other he was a Jew and was able to listen to his shahada but unfortunately I have lost touch with those brothers and sisters.

    Insha'allah Allah will keep them on the right path!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've had people ask me questions about Islam and come out shocked because they thought it was a violent, oppressive religion. I ALWAYS ask people to research properly, and at the end of my speech class last semester one of my group mates gave a last speech on how learning more about Islam opened his mind towards understanding it better. And, this was a result of working on a speech about Muslim women in the West vs. Muslim women in Islamic countries.

    So, there are so many ways to give Dawah, and I had directed him to some good websites where he could learn more about it. Anyways, never really converted people, but I have given Dawah and recommended certain things to people regarding Islam.

    Your story is beautiful, MashaAllah.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its impossible to convert to Islam so its revert.

    Allah SWT does that not us, he just uses us as inbetween medium for them. Like an ant or the sun and so on.

    over 1000 per year Al hamdoullah and I lost count and I don't bother to count amin.

    Allahi Minasha. Study what that means, it is Allah SWT that guides them not us.

    Everyone is born Muslim. Even the pope.

    Source(s): Ankaboot
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  • 1 decade ago

    Salam wa alaikum,

    Have I ever tried converting a non-muslim?

    Well, I try educating a person first and formost.

    I educate myself and then others...i read constantly over islam...since my conversion

    My dad is most knowledgable I beleive out of everyone about islam...I tell him alot and he goes to the mesjid with me when he feels like it. He likes it alot, but he won' t give up alot of bad habits. Insh'allah ALlahswt will guide him to the straight path.

    I love educating others over Islam. I believe its a great thing!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    MUhammad K got me pretty close last year....and then I read the Quran....and learned how important the Hadiths are to most Muslims.

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  • 1 decade ago

    :) salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatu Allaah sis,

    I received your message, Alhamdulillaah, i am glad and happy to read your message... Insha Allaah no need to say sorry to me.. At all i wasn't in "it"...

    Hmmm, about your question... No, i don't directly... Perhaps if people have read some articles under my kunya...

    Most people that want to know about Islaam, come first to my husband... And after that he decides whether it is usefull to bring her (i don't talk to men, why do you think i am married?) over at our home...

    Some are willing to accept, but some are thrown into the deep, if they wanna talk with me.... I am not modern and open minded, so most sisters feel uncomfortable when they are finally meeting me... For some really strange, like my husband doesn't want to sit with them (mixed gathering), i am wearing my complete hijaab (sometimes their boyfriend comes along)... A lot of rulings is for us in our house normall programmed, but for newborn people it is sometimes scary....

    And to be honest, i hate this stage of doubtness.. Shall i enter Islaam or not, simply i see that their nafs is fighting, Iblees is busy with them (with his old tricks) to hold them against it, their knowlegde is not correct, they are willing to listen aslong it fits in their "image" of Islaam... And most, don't want to adopt certian lifestyles but just the believing part....

    And so most of them feeling distance between me and them...

    I always say to them, they are welcome, but they should let their nafs and iblees outside...

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