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Why are our brave soldiers dying in Afghanistan?

Why doesn't New labour bring them home???


Protect me??? What a joke...New Labour invited tens of thousands of terrorists into Britain, whilst sending our boys to die in immoral war...I could look after myself....but sadly New labour have organised the police against anyone who tries to fight for justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Because that would upset the arms manufacturers and oil (and in the case of Aghanistan gas) companies who are busy making handsome profits and greasing the politicians ars*s, thank you!

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    They seriously have tried to make the Afghani wonderful peoples motivated for having a nice little garden not for profit yet for their own survival with BEETS AND ONIONS AND CORN AND GREEN BEANS

    (I may be worng)

    yet the USA should not invest in their gardens I NEED A GARDEN!

    And the good soldiers are dying because they are motivated to do what the USA wants them to do even if it requires them to become police when they are military soldiers and just have received military soldier training and NOT police training (supposedly much harder than Marine training, or Army Airborne Air assault training is the police training)

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    it incredibly is nevertheless pronounced all of the time. even nevertheless, it would not take place as many times now because of the fact the Iraq conflict is over, the militants are not energetic anymore and there are not many US troops left in Iraq, they have been all redeployed to Afghanistan the place the Taliban is poorer and much less properly-equipped than the Iraqi militants. the U. S. additionally has a extensive quantity of help between the Afghanis on battling the Taliban, with Afghanistan already having its very own very great militia stress.

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    Er...that question could have been asked 150 years ago. It was government policy then and it is now. Plus, the last time I checked there was no national service in the UK - so correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they sign up for it? Every death is a tragedy - British or otherwise - but brave soldiers have been dying for millennia. Has something changed overnight?

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    UK troops in Afghanistan form part of The NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). They are in Afghanistan at the invitation of the democratically elected Afghan Government and with UN authorisation, to provide the secure environment necessary for reconstruction and development to take place.

    The security situation around the country is broadly stable. Neither Taliban nor other illegal armed groups pose a credible threat to the democratically elected Afghan Government. But the stakes are high for control of the south, which is why the Taliban continue to fight.

    The Afghan Security Forces are increasingly contributing to securing their own country, although much more needs to be done to help them achieve this. The Afghan National Army (ANA) has been reformed: it is now more professional, accountable and ethnically balanced. Approximately 30,000 ANA soldiers and close to 50,000 Afghan National Police officers have been recruited, trained and equipped. Work is underway to ensure greater co-ordination of the army and police, with the development of command centres at provincial and regional levels.

    With increased security, over 4.6 million refugees have returned to their homes and form an essential part of the reconstruction process.

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    Unfortunately; first and formost, so greedy corporations can make massive profits.

    Secondly, (lets not forget) to help erradicate "the terrorists" there so we can help build stabilty for Afghanistan.

    (It's funny how we are not targeting all the other other rogue contrys too).

    I'm so glad I left the Marines.

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    Go research a military alliance called NATO

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    Why are Soldiers dying.IN A WORD OIL its that simple

  • True, Brits have a habit of running from Afghanistan. Small wonder our empire melted away so fast after WW2

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    That is where al quaeda is...bin laden... don't forget we have the Taliban in those area's as well, and they are taking over Pakistan, city by city.

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