What is this mysterious object?

Take a look at this object and tell me what you think or know this is.


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It has been bought in a curiosity shop as a.. well curiosity

It is possibly silver (at least silverisch), about 10 cm (4 inch) and has no moving parts.

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    It's a dorje and is usually sold with a bell.It is used in Tibetan pujas (prayer)

    Dorje is a Tibetan word. It refers to the ritual object that is held in the right hand of a Lama during various religious ceremonies.

    Dorje is a common given-name for men in people of Tibetan culture. Hence Phu Dorje, Ang Dorje (young Dorje) and Nima Dorje (Monday Dorje) or, more usually, Dorje.

    Symbolically a dorje represents the 'thunderbolt of enlightenment,'

    Yours could have been smuggled out of Tibet when the Chinese invaded.It might be worth A LOT of money.


    Source(s): Me....i'm a Buddhist
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    It is a Rattle - the little ball in the ends has gone missing over time.

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