How do I add my avatar from my yahoo profile as my pic on here?

Or anywhere else I want to add it for that matter?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ☼ Go to and sign in (if you're not already). You can make an avatar image there. If you need help with making the avatar, follow instructions at ( ) >>>>>>>

    ►Here’s more info on how to Create Avatars▼▼( )

    ● Make sure that you click the Orange "Save Changes" button below your Avatar preview window before leaving the site!.---- Otherwise it won’t Save.

    ● Once you've customized your avatar, don't forget to Save your Avatar by-- clicking your profile>'Edit My Info>Use My Avatar and Save at the bottom. You’re done now.

    ● If you’re not getting a link to set your Avatar in your profile page, go to--( and click ‘Change Photo’ link. There-- you’ll be able to Select, Save and Use your Avatar as your profile picture on Yahoo Answers


    # In order to upload your own picture here, click this link :-

    ► (

    Click here for the Screenshot and then follow the steps▼

    ( )

    ☻Read the Y!A Blog for the latest information << >>

    ●NOTE: Make sure the format of the picture is either in JPEG or PNG format, and the picture is less than 5 Megabytes.

    ◙ You can Crop the picture by dragging the box and click ‘Crop Image’. You can resize the photo this way and make it fit the Avatar box.

    ◙ Lastly click on “Use Selected Picture” button.

    #Then just come back to Yahoo! Answers

    - And Click on this link

    - In the "Picture" section Tick ‘Use My Profile Picture’

    - Then click "Preview" at the bottom and then just click "Save". It's done.

    ♦NOTE:-Some users are experiencing delays, and difficulties in showing up their custom picture. So it may take a day or two for your picture to show up on Answers

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