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How often should I change my hamster's bedding?

I have just bought a syrian hamster, i've been told to clean the cage once a week, but does the bedding need to be changed more often?

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    No, you don't have to change the bedding unless it gets wet or dirty. (You do have to change the sawdust every week, though, or sooner if it is wet or smelly).

    When you are cleaning the cage, check your hamster's "nest". You will find a food store in it. You should remove any food that has started to go mouldy. Don't remove all the food as this will upset your hamster.

    When you do remove dirty bedding, don't remove the whole nest. The hamster feels safe in its nest and has its scent on the bedding. If you take it all away and replace it with clean bedding it will make your hamster feel insecure.

    TIP: If you put a glass jar in the corner of the cage, lying on its side and with half an inch of sawdust in it, your hamster will probably use it as a toilet to do its wee in. This is easy to clean out as soon as the sawdust is wet or it starts to smell and makes the job of cleaning much easier.

    Source(s): I used to keep and breed hamsters.
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    I agree. I was also told to change the bedding at least once a week by the retailer. I wonder why. My hamster let me know that this was unacceptable to him. Swear words and one of two deep bites.

    I have a modular small nest attached to tubing attached to a cage where the food is served. When he gets out to feed, I quickly replace the soiled nest of bedding with one I made earlier and he does not complain.

    I do so about once every ten days of fortnight sometimes. I do so when the little devil stores his cucumber and lettuce in the soft bedding with him. The bed gets very moist and if left the veg rots the nest stinks. Time for a quick swap!

    I find providing a hamster litter toilet cuts down on all this major cage cleaning that retails consider necessary. Like the nests the toilets can be cleaned when not in use and it is hardly noticed by the resident.

    These funny little mights are more than happy to live in rotting heaps of veg, I sometimes wonder if that is why they only live for a year in the wild - perhaps they rot ! Mine is 15 months old, fit and happy so he has not rotted yet !

    Provide a distraction like a wheel to give you more time to change his nest and or toilet. I do a major cage clean every month, putting the little rascal in his ball, where he can sulk or check on my progress. Have fun.

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    once a week is perfect because they do poop a lot butdepends how dirty the hamsters cage is when you think it starts to smell or the hamster looks unconformablee or there is to much poop or pee in the cage bedding you should change it but dont change it everyday thats a waist

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    Once a week. If it starts to smell before that, you may have to clean it more often, but I think once a week should be fine.

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    Once a week should be fine, but if it's cage gets smelly, spot clean daily.

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    I have a new hamster to. You are supposed to change it every week. Hope this helped!

    Source(s): My past hmasters.
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    my sister cleans hers once a week, i think that will do the trick. just see, if it starts to smell and stuff clean it more.

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    Once a week!!

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    nope, you dont need to unless it starts to really stink. you do need to change its water once a day. its very important!

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    change it every 2 weeks yes it is hard work but those are the prices you pay with a pet

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