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What should I get to add performance to my 08 v6 Mustang?

I bought a roughly new 2008 v6 Mustang a few weeks ago.. I already know the v8's are much more powerful and faster. But to be honest, I'm more of a city driver and buying the GT would make a huge impact on my insurance. I'm already very satisfied with the performance on the v6's.. But I'm not the one to push down the pedal completely from a dead stop all the time.. By the way, is it bad for your engine if you rev it that hard from a dead stop? I don't completely push it down all the way, but it makes a pretty loud, but satisfying noise when I take off. But I was wondering if someone could give me some tips on performance parts I could buy.. I heard supercharger kits add some serious HP to any car.. Any ideas? For the record, I am more of a casual driver than a person thats all for performance.. I plan to make some simple mods to the car performance wise, then I am going to make some changes to the appearance of the car later on down the road.

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    get a traction lock, 4:10 gears, and a tuner/intake combo. That will wake up your v6 REAL quick.

    Hitting the gas from a dead stop will not hurt your car. It will just affect the mpg is all.

    If you have any other questions feel free to email me man. I have owned 4 mustangs and 2 of them were 6ers.

    Good luck,

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    No it does not hurt your car to rev you car, unless your oil pump is bad or push it over the red line. Al cars benefit from Air, Exhaust, Gas/fuel, Spark, Engine management(Chip). Another thing that will help performance, rear gears! I can tell you what I have used and you may like another brand, but this will get you going faster and probably better millage to!

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    you should have got the v8 you now have to spend that same amount to get more horsepower they make turbo kits for the v6 mustangs

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    The thing that will improve performance the most would be headers, low restriction cats, and mufflers, and dual pipes...

    that noise you here,iwhen you take off is gas blowing out the tailpipe...

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    i guess get a magnaflow. The best way to get power is get a v8 but since u got the 6 get a supercharger that should get u about even with the v8 version.

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    i know what you mean man. look if you want simple but effective performance boosting parts the first thing you have to get is an air intake. that will increase torque, horsepower, and increase fuel economy, on and its very simple to install. the next thing you might want to get after that would be an exhaust system that also increases your fuel economy and torque and the very last thing you will have to get is to get rims and tires the best way to go is getting yourself some light wheels and grip tires that will increase acceleration, and also lower the weight of your car, you probably wont feel it but your engine will trust me.

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    A frikkin laser beam.

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    A pair of fluffy dice :-D

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    Everything the warranty allows.lift kit/w 4x4

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