Sex outside of marriage means that you go to Hell?

Okay, I know I asked a question similar to this awhile ago, but now I want to know WHAT happens when you have sex outside of marriage.

This is an answer someone wrote that has me doubting the whole "sex outside of marriage thing"

"Because a major theme in early Abrahamic religions was controlling women, and placing them in the place of property.

If sex outside of marriage is a sin, and everyone really, really believes that, it can be guaranteed unmarried women are virgins, and virgins were basically a form of currency back when they were coming up with these rules."

So, if a good person has sex out of marriage, they go to hell along with murders and rapists?

I don't believe much in the whole sexual restrictions part of the Bible. Considering how years ago, they were completely anti- everything because of it, and nowadays even some priests disagree with what was being preached back then, has made me have my doubts. The Bible is human interpretation of God's word, so you can make it sound like how YOUR beliefs are.

Not saying that I am going to run out and have sex with someone just because I think it's okay, but I just want to know if a couple people I know are doomed to Hell.

I'm not trying to start religion wars- it's just that I never trust things blindly. I want to know why. Also, I don't like how a big part of religion is fear. I find that I'm not following Roman Catholic religion, like I was raised, out of love for God, but from fear of damnation if I do otherwise. And I do believe in God, and something I think the God that I know in my heart does not sound at all like the things people preach.


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    Ask for forgiveness, mean it, aim for a serious relationship that involves getting married, and you will most certainly be forgiven. Even if you just do the first two, you should be alright!

  • David
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    1 decade ago

    Keep in mind that when the Bible was written, and later on during the height of the Catholic Church's power, it was NOT a good time to be a woman. Religion did not treat women very well during these time periods.

    But you are asking a question that every person you ask will give you a different answer. Religious conservatives will tell you that sex outside marriage is sin and you will go to hell. Some moderate Christians disagree with that. Atheists will tell you that you are worrying for nothing since hell doesn't exist. A Wiccan will tell you to worship the pleausre of sex because it is the union of opposites that keep the universe in balance.

    So it all depends on who you ask...

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    What I would suggest to you is that you say a little prayer and you read a little bit of the Bible...New Testament, first, starting with the gospel of saint john, and you allow the words that you read enter into your heart and you find the answer that God has for you, because The Bible, is comprised of the words of God, and the most wonderful things take place when people allow themselve the oppurtunity to be exposed to this great Bible.....I use the word understanding when you have use the word interpretation....People can only understand as much as God permits, so if you ask, then God may give you clearer understanding...The Bible is not for us to understand with our human understanding, but the Bible is full of Gods wisdom, which was put there through the Holy just ask, and it shall be given !

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    Fornication is a sin. I'm nobody to judge you or say what your position is with God on this matter but I will say this much: Fornication is not a sin that can be forgiven with just a simple prayer. The sinner must go through a period of reflection over his actions, realize the seriousness of his sin, make amends to people he might have hurt or offended in the process, promise God (seriously) that he/she will never commit such a sin again (In the Mormon Church, of which I am a member, such members are also required to report such transgressions to their bishop). Then and only then can someone be eligible for the Lord's forgiveness on such a matter. If the male partner of the transgression gets the girl or woman pregnant in the process he is responsible for the care of that child after it is born.

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    Sex outside of marriage is a sin. All sinners will go to Hell. The only way to not be a sinner is to accept and believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins. Then Jesus says in the Bible that if you have done that, then you will obey His commands. The Bible never has changed in what it said. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There are some lousy interpretations out there, i agree, but read the Bible for yourself and you will see that I speak rightly on this subject. If you have had sex outside of marriage and you repent and are forgiven then you will go to Heaven.

  • rac
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    1 decade ago

    First, you need a better definition of sin and heaven and hell.

    Second, sin simply means that you have need of repentance.

    Third, hell is the torment you suffer when you are made to recognize the gravity of your sins and your unworthiness before God.

    Fourth, repentance removes the sin and clears the way for you to return to Heavenly Father.

    Fifth, when you have repented, and are clean before God, you can to heaven, or some degree thereof.

    Lastly, if you commit sexual sin, and know that you have sinned in doing so, and then do nothing about it, no repentance, no remorse, no attempt to make the wrong right again, then you would suffer the torment of hell for having openly and willfully disobeyed God's law.

    So the simple answer is sex outside of marriage is a sin and will subject you to spiritual punishment if you don't repent. If you do repent, then you will be clean before God and Christ's atonement will be good for you.

    Source(s): LDS
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    I'm not Catholic, so I know very little about their beliefs. I currently attend a Methodist church and a Nazarene school, but you will NOT go to Hell just because you have sex outside of marriage. Personally, I believe you are supposed to wait until your married and that sex before is a sin. People sin everyday, but that doesn't mean we're all going to Hell. Only those who haven't accepted and believed that Jesus died and the story that goes along with that will go to Hell.

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    Depends on your religion. For many religions (especially the monotheistic ones), sex outside marriage is a sin. Others almost worship the sex or have special meaning behind it.

    Other people like atheists or agnostics just don't care.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think it's in I Corinthians that God said that He would rather have you marry than "burn". A lot of people take this out of context. What God actually meant was "burn with desire/passion".

    He did NOT mean "burn" in hell. God grieved when He put us into the flesh (Genisis) because He knew that we would be weak and we were - thats why He eventually sent His only begotten son to shed His blood on the cross to cover our sins or else no one would get into Heaven at all.

    No, dear. God is nothing like a lot of people say He is. Unfortunately, a lot of the atheists are correct on the issue that religion was used to control people. That's sad, but God even told us that this would happen so at least we can have the capacity to understand it. We will be persecuted for our faith, beware of those who come in My name, etc. The devil is going to go after religion first and foremost because the one entity that can destroy him is God and those with God in their hearts cannot be controlled by him and through destroying religion, he destroys faith. God is infinitely loving and forgiving. He's not the fire and brimstone God that some pastors have created. god is light and He is love. Always know that He is your closest relative, your father, your creator. No one is going to have your back like He will. He's not going to throw you in hell for the little things...I promise. I was once in your place and after years of study and prayer, I know this. In my heart, I know it more than anything.

    You're friends aren't going to hell for falling weak to the sins of the flesh. They could repent, but I seriously don't think God is going to send them to hell for doing what almost every one of His children have done.

    Hope this helped a little.

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    1 decade ago

    I was once a catholic and grew up only knowing what they taught..

    I've recently began studyin with JW's and they are teaching me what the bible says.. The Bible never even talks about there being a hell which catholics teach to scare you into doing whats right. "God is Love" a loving God would never torture anyone no matter what they have done.

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    actually fornication, and sexual immorality mean a persons doesnt enter the Temple of God.

    it also "might" mean that in the resurrection a person gets a body that cannot have sex.


    its only a theory

    two people that are baptized by proxy, even though they were dead can have a 2nd chance.

    it also depends on how criminally a sinner is. or whether they will refuse God altogether.

    it does say that all people who have ever lived will be resurrected but some will be resurrected unto damnation.

    but i would imagine this only applies to sons of perdition

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