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School Project- Wasted time in school?

I am doing a project in my high school statistics class where I have to argue an idea with facts and statistics. The topic I have chosen is that there is too much wasted time spent in public school. I would like to compare different choices of education; home, cyber, public, private, Christian, etc. This is where all of you come in!

After going to public school last year after homeschooling all my life, I know this topic fairly well. I love high school and adjusted to the public school system very quickly, but the extra time of waiting on other students and finding ways of passing time to complete 180 days does not amuse me.

I have been having a hard time finding solid information to back up my argument. I was wondering if any of you could give me a brief schedule of your day of school. If you have experienced more than one of these types of education maybe you could compare them. What did you do? What do you like/dislike? How does this affect your education versus another type of schooling? How much time in each class do you actually spend learning? And specifically, was it a waste of time?

I ENCOURAGE your opinion on this topic, for my presentation is about your opinion. I am not here, however, to bad mouth homeschoolers, the public school system, or any other type of education. Rather, I want to expand my knowledge of this topic through your personal experience.

If anything, I would really appreciate a response concerning how much time in each class is spent on learning.

Thank you!

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    Every student has a schedule of 5 slots and a lunch slot.

    Slot 1 - My spare, i'm usually on Y!A at this time

    Slot 2 - Consumer Math, class of ~20 students

    Slot 3 - Phys Ed - a class of 31 students

    Lunch hour - generic spare for everyone, students can choose to do choir or yearbook if they want an extra credit.

    Slot 4 - Study Hall - I suck at english so i take it SDL (self directed learning)

    Slot 5 - Management Class Waste of tax money... only 4 students in that class

    Hope i helped... take care.

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