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The BNP would kick out everyone not born in the UK?

What if every other country in the world kicked out Brits?

A staggering 5.5 MILLION people would be returned to these shores - far more than would leave. This includes 800,000 from Spain, most of whom are pensioners.. like Filya.

Your views please


@ Elo Guv: Ha Ha! Good joke that. 'Party Policy' and 'Lies'. My source is reliable, (Searchlight) unlike the crap you read.

Update 2:

@obanpuss: I dont advocate eating children of immigrants

**rolls eyes**

Its still a small number compared to Brits who will be forced to return.

Update 3:

@ Big River: Oh give it a rest will you ya ol' misery guts! Did I mention any other party? Yeh you right they suck. . But you really think that a vote for the BNP is the answer? Get real.

Update 4:

@Big River: A TRUTH based on hate,. If black and minority people were ordered out of UK the NHS would collapse over night. 16% of nurse are from ethnic minorites as are 40% of dentists and 50% of new doctors.

The BNP would introduce apartheid into the UK. Their call for whites be given first preference in housing, education and jobs is no difference to apartheid South Africa policies, which the BNP supported. Mixed race relationships would be outlawed (but I think that particular policy is right up your street!). Every Household in the UK will be allowed to keep a gun, the BNP's answer to fight crime.

I have to admit to your assertion of present day politicians, odious creeps. But such underhanded acts have been goin on for YEARS. It's only now we are suddenly being exposed to it. And again I say that the BNP is NOT the answer. Honest policies in your eyes because you are white.

Update 5:

And no, I'm not one of those people who will support politicians 'as long as they throw me the takings'!! WTF do you you think I am?? A dog?? FYI I happen to earn an honest wage.

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    My dad didn't grow up here, his family moved all over the world. One place they lived was Oman... he's got pictures of parties & such he went to when over there. There's a surprising ammount of white people...

    That's just one of the places, I can't remember the names of all the other places he's lived but there's white people in all the photos he's got (non family members...).

    Two brothers I know, Scottish, their family are the same. One of them was telling me there's a lot of British people in Oman, a lot more than you'd think... They go there & make a fortune!

    but no one speaks of British people in other countries do they?

    If the BNP were to kick out everyone not born in the UK, what then?? Are they going to make their gun toting supporters (as they want us to legally own guns..) go back to work??

    HA! I would love to see them force the lazy white people who feel it's okay to be on benefits.

    Haaaaa. F*cking loons.

    EDIT: Pure white people?! You mean pure English. So that's like 500 people at most??

    EDIT again: Haaa... it just dawned on me. BNP want immigrants out because they feel it's an invasion (yadda yaddaa...) YET do they remember Ireland & other such countries Britain, in the past, invaded... Do they not remember how the Protestants let the Catholics die in the potato famine.. Not to mention other countries.. To me, that's blatent hypocrisy and further proof that the BNP are a Nazi group....

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    Not just people born outside the UK, they want to expel all non-whites. You see, the BNP say that their members shouldn't use phrases like black British or British Asian as such people 'don't exist', they should be called 'racial foreigners' instead. Even if the person has lived in the UK all their lives, even if their parents and grandparents were born here if they're black, yellow or brown the BNP don't want them here.

    And remember, there is a VERY real chance of these people getting MEPs elected in June. You may view them as a joke, but they'll be the ones laughing if people let them get elected. No matter how disgusted you are with the current lot of politicians, don't boycott the Euro elections, the BNP are praying people will do that so their few scum voters can get them elected. If you don't want fascists representing Britain then get out and vote for anyone but the BNP!

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    You could be right, and on that basis, maybe we should just stick to the lying scheming fraudulent lot we have in our main stream parties.

    At least Labour, Tory and liberal all tell the truth dint they.

    I mean, we all know exactly what they stand for don't we.

    We can sleep safely in the knowledge that the main parties have the best interests at heart of all the classes of the UK.

    We can leave the country in their safe hands and sleep soundly at night knowing that everyone they let into the country and a great number of those they don't, will all be law abiding kindly folk who are here to further the interests and industry of the UK.

    Yeah, forget the BNP, lets stick with what we've got.


    "Get Real"

    How real do I have to get, despite what you think of the BNP, they are the only ones telling you exactly what they stand for.

    Truth is a very rare commodity in politics.

    600+ Mps in parliament, are you trying to tell me that none of them are racist?

    Stop 600 people in the street, at least 10% will tell you they are racist.

    That means there are at least 60 MP's in parliament lying about their racial views, add to that the MP's that have fiddled and diddled and you have a parliament full of obnoxious, odious liars who conn people into believeing they are trully multi cultural in order to get and keep their jobs whilst at the same time sticking their hands in the till.

    So you are telling me that the BNP are not nice people?

    Now exactly who should get real?

    I am not a BNP member nor a supporter, but I do recognise honest policies (be they good or bad), or are you one of those members of the public who support any kind of politician as long as they throw some of the takings your way?

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    i'm starting to be to be greater supportive of the BNP, in spite of the undeniable fact that to be straightforward, do not comprehend lots approximately their ethics different than what we hear interior the papers (which i think of is probable untrue). I particularly have many acquaintances which have diverse colored epidermis, and that i'm not racist, in spite of the undeniable fact that do have self belief in a greater acceptable Britain, with a very diverse potential. My perspectives could be diverse - i don't comprehend as yet, from the BNP, yet sure, i think of you deserve a place here. i'm not for an all white society, in spite of the undeniable fact that neither am I for cities crammed with 0.5 castes residing off reward and working drugs on the streets. All i want is for Britain to be super lower back, and that's going to take some changing. It does not be generousity that should make me decide regardless of if or not you need to stay here - purely equity and a definite experience of high-quality judgment.

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    Im happy to announce the BNP would spend all our tax money on getting all foreigners out of britain! Foreign countries would stop trading with us and america would break off all ties due to our extremist fascist views. Our military strength would slowly head for total collapse. We would then be sanctioned against exporting or importing goods, and our nation would soon be made unemployed. Our government would face total bankruptcy as there membership in the global trade market gets severed. Sorry, but as much as it sounds idealistic, the bnp would ruin our country...... infact, we would probably end up like iraq with USA choosing our next president

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    I just checked BNP's website.

    Something I doubt hardly any of the answer's here have done.

    And this is what they say.

    "On current demographic trends, we, the native British people, will be an ethnic minority in our own country within sixty years."

    (quite probably true, our breeding rates have fallen dramatically, in spite of the chavs keeping our quota up. )

    "To ensure that this does not happen, and that the British people retain their homeland and identity, we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration, the immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants,

    (sounds good so far?)

    "and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin assisted by a generous financial incentives both for individuals and for the countries in question.

    (note the word..."voluntary") though I can't see many ethnics wanting to return to hell holes they have come from. "voluntarily" .

    "We will abolish the ‘positive discrimination’ schemes that have made white Britons second-class citizens. We will also clamp down on the flood of ‘asylum seekers’, all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries.

    BNP's policy on immigration

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    Thats what they want yes.

    And those poor old pensioner ex pats like Filya, Jomamo and THC would have to come home.

    Hmmm another well thought out policy from the genius that is the BNP. Not.

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    They would also like to 'gently' persuade second and third generation immigrants to leave. Yes you read that right the BNP want people born and bread in Britain to leave. Hmmm.

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    The BNP will not kick out everybody not born in the UK. Look at their actual policies, instead of listening to scaremongers.

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    BNP would not kick out all non whites that is total bull**** alot of left wing supporters think the bnp wont gain full power within a few years. well sorry to disappoint you but BNP at this rate will be in power very sooon !!!

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