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Why are there no River Deltas in Britain ?

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    All deltas need to run out onto vast areas of flat land,like the Nile and Mississippi deltas,we only have one area like that and that`s the Wash between Lincolnshire and Norfolk and there are only 2 or 3 very small rivers flowing into that unlike the Nile etc

    edit,,imagine you have a bucket of water and you splosh it out over a large flat pavement/patio,it will spread out and trickle away into little streams,rather like a delta,you need vast amounts of water to maintain a delta,the Nile and Mississippi can do that,The Wash is quite small in comparison and has no big rivers flowing into it,

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    River Deltas require a large source of sediment to form, usually from weathering of large high mountain ranges. Those high volumes of sediment get washed out to sea by rivers coming down from the mountains. Over time the sediment at the mouth of the river builds up to form new land and "progrades" out to sea forming a delta. Unfortunately, Britain doesn't have mountain ranges of the size of the Himalayas, Rockies, or Andes, which provide much of the sediment source for many of the Worlds great river deltas. However, there is plenty of geological evidence that this was not the case a few million years ago.

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    I think the Norfolk Broads is a kind of delta.

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