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Special Edition: YWSE Impact (Full Show). Choose and Rate...?

Presented by 13 King of Kings & The Legacy Continues.

YWSE General Manager C.M.P. is in the ring:

"Ladies, Gentleman, and All YWSE Superstars; tonight, on the brink of YWSE Extreme Rules, we will be having (2) great matches and (1) very important announcement...."

Match 1: #1 Contenders for the YWSE Woman's Title @ Extreme Rules (Winner choses stipulation).

(Battle Royal) Qualifying YWSE Knockouts are:

- Madison 3:16

- Jamie RKO

- Dana Robinson (a.k.a. Lita B*tchez)

- FizzLlama

- DXLover

- Vipress RKO Diva

Match 2: YWSE World Heavyweight Championship Match

13 Times King of Kings (c) v. Rated R Superstar

Announcement: The Main Event has been injured, and will be leaving YWSE for a very long while. He is still an active Superstar, however, we all wish him well in his future endeavors! Come back soon....

Attention: There is now an opening for a new member of Evolution. Any and all YWSE Superstars will be considered; just email myself (The Legacy Continues) or 13 Times King of Kings. One will be chosen, and that chosen Superstar will also be rewarded with the vacant YWSE Intercontinental Championship (which is currently property of Evolution).

Rate and choose winners! Hope you enjoyed the show!

Please feel free to cut a promo...

Stay tuned for YWSE Extreme Rules.... Matches to be posted in a few days!


Edit: Stone Cold Stunna: Don't worry about me buddy! I get plenty!

Update 2:

Madison: Please don't throw your laptop! Just take it out on the other YWSE Knockouts in the Battle Royal!

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    hehe. good luck on the YWSE guys.

    i'm online to watch Raw. Go Evolution!

    EDIT: no need Da D3aDmAn, i'm not that special. thanks by the way.

    Source(s): ...and here's your Main Event!
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    Match 1: #1 Contenders for the YWSE Woman's Title @ Extreme Rules (Winner choses stipulation). - Winner - Vipress RKO Diva

    Match 2: YWSE World Heavyweight Championship Match

    13 Times King of Kings (c) v. Rated R Superstar - Winner - 13 Times King of Kings (c)

    Promo: here is Da D3aDmAn out here still whining and complaining that he lost his titles well that's just too bad and do you actually think that anyone of you can stop us, Now I know The Main Event is going to be out for awhile nobody can replace him but for the time being we will have to deal without him, and to anybody joining the YWSE frontline you will just be digging yourself into a grave by not wanting to be with Evolution. Evolution too powerful and we are unstoppable.

    YWSE Impact (Full Show) 7/10 good show overall.

    Source(s): "Legacies Never Die"
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    Match #1:Well,this is a tough one,I'm voting for Vipress this time.

    Match #2:Rated R Superstar, we're both from the same city, plus I hate Evolution with a passion after what they did to me at King of The Ring!

    Promo:"I'd like to adress all those superstars in the back. As many of you know, there is an open spot in Evolution's pathetic roster. I'm warning you all right now, if you side with Evolution, it'll only be a matter of time before they turn on you, and The Frontline will not be able to have mercy on you if you choose to side with those vicious pigs! Sure, you'll get the Intercontinental Title, which was mine before Evolution stripped me of it unfairly! But what is it worth? Once the other members see your potential, they'll turn on you in a heartbeat, be smart and join the YWSE Frontline!

    If you would like to join the Frontline....please dial....


    The next IMPACT should be a tribute show to "The Main Event!"

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    Winner: Madison 3:16

    Match 2: I, Rated R Superstar, regain MY World Heavyweight Championship. Basically, I win!!!

    To Da D3aDmAn, thanks for the backup.

    PROMO: "13 Times the King of Kings the only reason you beat me at King of the Ring was because your little buddies in Evolution jumped me. But tonight when we go one-on-one for that World title, there will be no Evolution. Just you and ME. And when it's all said and done YWSE will have a new World Heavyweight the name of Rated R Superstar!!!!!!!.

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    match 1: dana robinson 8/10

    match 2: king of kings 8/10

    promo: the main event may be injured right now but its no problem even if we cant find a suitable replacement for him evolution is still the most dominant force in the ywse. After 13 time king of kings retains his championship its smooth sailing from there on out the frontline is the most pitiful collection of wrestlers ever in the history of this earth. They think they are good but come extreme rules they will realize just how pathetic and weak they really are no one can stop evolution and we will show everyone who really is in control around here after the frontline are made and example of.

    (disclaimer all promos by matt swagger are in kayfabe im not like this in real life)

    Source(s): this answer is 199% swaggalicious
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  • Madison 3:16 and 13 Times The King of Kings


    "Evolution looks like your down 1 Member and like the YWSE Frontline promised we would take you out and Hell we already took one member out without doing anything! This just proves are Superiority Over You."

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  • 1 decade ago

    Match 1: Dana Robinson 8/10

    Match 2: King of Kings 8/10

    Promo: "Guess what?!!? There's some new blood in town! I'm issuing a challenge to any and everyone in that locker room. I am a living, breathing modern marvel!! I am the best there is and can not -check that- WILL NOT be stopped!! I will run rampant through this organization just like I have in every promotion I've been in!!! If you think you can beat me I dare you to step up to the plate!! You will be in for the Culture Shock of a lifetime!! The Captain has spoken! Have a nice night!!" (drops the mic)

    Source(s): You've just been Culture Shocked™
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  • Great job Legacy Continues! I'm impressed it's definitely better than what we thought about the first time. My votes don't count but I'll just say who i think is going to win.

    Battle Royal: I m guessing that it's going to Dana Robinson she'll finally get her revenge and challenge Triple RKO or Madison.

    13 Times The King of Kings vs Rated R Superstar: No competition i win this match (lol) that WHC stays with me.

    Anyone who wants to join Evolution like Legacy said will be rewarded with the YWSE IC championship because it's a part of Evolution. Just say that you want to join Evolution and all offers will be considered.


    I m disgusted that i m forced to defend my WHC against a pathetic competitor. Rated R Superstar who are you to challenge me the best the king of kings you haven't even earned your championship shot. You are just another whiner and crybaby just like the rest of the Frontline. *takes out sledgehammer* challenging me will be the worst mistake of your life! You in the end will bow down to The King of Kings and you will be begging me for mercy by the time i m finished with you. You saw what i can do in the ring and deep down inside your heart you are truly afraid and terrified of stepping in that ring with me. Well let me say something to you TO BE THE MAN YOU've GOT TO BEAT THE MAN! and believe me I will walk out of Impact still your YWSE WHC! and there's nothing anybody in the locker room or you worthless fans can do anything about it because I M THAT DAMN GOOD!

    Source(s): This message has been approved by 13 Times The King of Kings
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  • 1 decade ago

    Match 1:Madison 3:16(she seems fired up!)

    Match 2:13 Times King of Kings

    9/10.Good Work on the first day of job! lol.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok, this is awesome...

    Match #1. ( Iwill be on commentary..)

    Madison 3: 16. Im pretty sure I have fought her before and it would be my honor to defend my title agianst her.....

    Match #2. 13 Times The King of Kings...


    After The Number One Contenders match is over with, I would like to say a few words to the winner. First of all, I would like to congratetulate you with your impressive victory tonight. You have endured a tough matchup, but please keep in mind that I went trhough Harder times to win and defend my Championship..

    I have fought in an Extreme Rules Match, a Steel Cage Match, and even an I Quit Match. The pain that you received is NOTHING compared to what your going to get once you face me at Extreme Rules.

    I have beaten the Best of The Best Womens Champion of all time. And as of today, I still stand before you as your YWSE Womans Champion.....and there is absolutely no chance that this Championship is going to leave my waist EVER !

    Source(s): The Wings Of Love
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    Match 1: Dana Robinson because she's the MAN (literally).

    Next time, include Sandy:;_ylt=AojgitDDL... and RKaylaO (a.k.a. Greatness in Progress):;_ylc=X3oDMTBxZ... .

    Match 2: 13 Times King of Kings

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