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This question is very long but please... Im BEYOND desperate for advice. I would be very grateful for help?

Ok I am 1 week shy of being 10 months pregnant about to give birth any day now. (supposed to be exciting right!) I moved in with my parents about a month ago to get my moms help with bein a new mom and to spend some time with her before I move 300 miles away. I will be here for another 3 months before the move.

My 17 year old sister is 21 weeks pregnant and is never home, and both my parents work. Considering my current state, I am the only one in the house who currently does not work. My dad decided that the 3 dogs we already had werent enough pets, he decided to bring home a 6 week old labrador puppy! And guess who gets to take care of it?! ME!!!!

My mom is a school teacher and leave pretty early in the morning, my sister is trying to have all the fun she can before she becomes Mommy Dearest, and my dad sleeps all day and 10 minutes after he wakes up he leaves for work and doesnt come back till 4 in the morning! So I get stuck with 3 dogs and a (now) 8 week old puppy who isnt potty trained and gets into everything!

As you can probably guess, I dont have the energy or the mobility to be chasing around 3 dogs and a puppy everyday, so my dad got the puppy a crate (for potty training reasons). I thought it was going to be my best friend but OH WAS I WRONG! My other dogs are generally well behaved so I dont have to worry about them. As most of you know... puppies are mischevious and you DO have to worry about them. Since I cant chase the puppy around all day, I started putting him in the crate for a couple hours a day. (yes I let him out to go potty every 30 minutes or so, I am not niglectful of my dogs) But as soon as I put him in that crate it sounds as if a pack of cyote's are trying to eat him!

I CAN NOT handle that sound for even a minute let alond a couple hours. What do I do? My dad says that its HIS dog. And since HE isnt around to take care of HIS dog, my options are either I wear myself out but chasing him around and fallow him EVERYWERE, or I win myself a migrane because NO ONE is around to take care of this pup except me.

I need to find a way to get my dad to get rid of this dog or atleast rely on someone else to take care of it, because I REFUSE to take care of 3 dogs, and an annoying puppy in addition to a newborn baby ALONE! And I could leave him in the crate but then he's going to make those sounds and wake up me and my baby and I cant live like that. Do ANY of you have suggestions on what to do? I feel like my hands are tied, and I think I'm going to go nuts!


I warned that this was a long question, please . . . no comments on the length of this question.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ask your father to find someone to care for the puppy. you shouldn't have to do it, since it wasn't your choice to have the pup.

    i'm not trying to be mean about it, but a puppy is a huge undertaking, and you're already pregnant. how much can you do? you're not wonder woman!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yea i would ask for somebody else to take care of it..considered your state you shouldn't be running around after puppies

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