Will New Zealand ever become an Australian state?

The 1901 Australian Constitution included provisions to allow New Zealand to join Australia as its seventh state .... will it ever happen?

Or will they join a larger body, like NAFTA or the EU or an Asian Union?


Koala, you said “Would USA ever join up to Canada to be one country - NOT.”

That’s not what a lot of people think. There are some who think NAFTA will end up evolving into an EU type arrangement – Mexico, U.S. and Canada. Others think that Mexico and Canada will become states of the U.S. Who would have thought that old countries like France, Germany and Britain might "merge"? The world is changing fast!

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    There have always been two main barriers to this happening. Firstly, foreign policy. New Zealand has previously had some significant differences in foreign policy with Australia - for example the "no nukes" laws which prohibit American warships from visiting NZ. Secondly, the founding document of New Zealand, the Treaty of Waitangi, was an agreement between Maori and the British Crown. If New Zealand was to become part of Australia there would be major constitutional issues within NZ. Maori could quite reasonably argue that union with Australia was never part of the bargain. There are also complex relations between NZ and various Pacific island nations which would complicate matters.

    It's interesting though that Australian politicians are calling for a joint military force between Australia & NZ. I think there's a few people in Canberra that would like to gobble up NZ.

    I can't see it happening unless some kind of crisis means they can dress it up as a necessity.

    New Zealand joining the EU or the Asian Union is highly unlikely. Joining the EU means handing over a big portion of your sovereignty to Euro-twats in Brussels and allowing free entry to every Romanian pickpocket who's got a drivers license - no thanks. The Asian Union is just too different in culture.

    I also doubt NAFTA. New Zealand's main export is from agriculture - and we're good at it. We've got the most efficient farmers in the world. The Americans jealously protect their farming industry with all kinds of subsidies and grants - allowing NZ to export there without restriction would kick their farmers in the nuts, they just wont do it (it would also require separate negotiations with all parties in NAFTA).

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    Australia has a pretty solid economy and has weathered the recent (current) recession better than most countries, mostly due to all the raw materials in the way of minerals available, that the rest of the world needs. As an Australian state, New Zealand would benefit from this by having better wages in New Zealand, plus much of the young talent would not be leaving NZ for more money and a better standard of living in Australia. Medical resources would then improve in New Zealand, as well, as treatment options would increase and be available "across the ditch". Hopefully food and materials would become cheaper for NZ due to the buying power of Australia, and markets for NZ goods and services might also increase, bringing revenue and jobs to NZ.

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    As others have said, I highly doubt that New Zealand would become an Australian state. The constituation was in 1901 and if it hasn't happened by now...

    Also even if they did merge I would think that they would merge as equal partners, not NZ merged into Australia as a state.

    But I don't think NZ would. Why would they want to? It's not like their a tiny insignificant island, they have a total land area of 268,021 sq km (bigger than th UK!) and a population of 4,213,418 (from the CIA World Factbook page).

    NZ also pride themselves on their independance from Australia, and generally pay Australians out whenever they have the chance.

    So in conclusion, it would probably have to be some serious crisis for Australia and New Zealand to merge, and if they did it probably wouldn't be as a state, but as a partner.

    Source(s): CIA world factbook New Zealand page @ https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world...
  • No they are two separate country's with their own governments, laws etc....

    This question gets asked weekly - and it seems most people think because NZ is a small island off the coast that Australia will just claim it as there own and make it into another 'state' - hate to tell ya, it doesn't work that way.

    Would USA ever join up to Canada to be one country - NOT.

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    Could you imagine the outcry if a Kiwi was ever elected as Prime Minister of Australia...? lol

    I reckon that it would have benefits for all people , particularly for the economy of NZ but it would take a total economic collapse for a union to be a serious proposal....

    As far as your other options are concerned I guess an Asian union is always on the cards....

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    No, that constitution was written a long time ago, and New Zealand is doing just fine on its own. I can think of no reason they would want too.

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    I dont think it would ever happen but it wouldnt bother me if it did; im half aussie half kiwi lol.

    Australia and New Zealand already have a great relationship, there has been talk of a shared currency etc and some other things.

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    Or would Australia become West Island? lol

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    They are fine being independent. I highly doubt it will ever happen.

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    I hope they stay independant

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